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10,000 Light Years Ago
John Lodge
Label: Esoteric Antenna
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Review Date: May 3, 2015


The new studio album by legendary Moody Blues bassist/vocalist, John Lodge, entitled, “10,000 Light Years Ago,” is his second solo album and, wow! What an album it is!

The Album reunites Lodge with special guest contributions from former Moody Blues members – flutist Ray Thomas and keyboardist/mellotron player Mike Pinder on the song “Simply Magic.”  Legendary guitarist Chris Spedding also appears on the album, among others.  The new collection was recorded at various locations and completed at The Mix Factory studios in Florida.  

From the opening song “In My Mind”, to the biographical “Those Days in Birmingham”, the more reflective “Simply Magic” and “Lose Your Love”; to the rock influenced “Crazy”, the jazz–tinged “Love Passed Me By” and the powerful “Get Me Out of Here,” Lodge paints a variety of moods on a fine musical canvas.

Lodge comments; “Back in the 60s, when the dreams of a ‘new generation’ were being born, The Moody Blues wrote a stage show which became the album “Days Of Future Passed.” The theme encompassed the past, present and future experiences of our lives. When “Days Of Future Passed” was successful, I knew that our decision to stick to our principles by writing and recording music we felt driven to create, was the right one. Upon reflection, I suppose that in my work with The Moody Blues, and in my solo work, I have continued to stick to that principle.”  

Lodge adds, “I think that this theme has continued in the music of The Moody Blues and in my music, and it’s a musical record of our generation travelling through life. With 10,000 Light Years Ago, I have continued this theme of constant evolution, as everything in the future remains in reach, and although the past is behind us, it once was our future.” 

John further reflects; “With a guitar, a blank piece of paper and a pen, the musical horizon has always been there. I go wherever the songs take me.”

Boomerocity favorites:

  • In My Mind: Ethereal. Mystical. Almost Pink Floyd-ish. This tune earned repeated slaps of the “Repeat” button.
  • Lose Your Love: Mournful. Heart wrenching. This song is beautiful in its simplicity.
  • 10,000 Light Years Ago: This song will resonate more than the other seven songs on the album in that it sounds like it belongs on any other Moody Blues disc.

Moody Blues fans will definitely want to add “10,000 Light Years Ago” to their listening library.