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3 Sheets To The Wind

Winchester Rebels

Label: Winchester Rebels

Review Date: March, 2012

3 Sheets To The Wind is the debut by Winchester Rebels.  A great little hard rock band out of Santa Barbara, California.  This contingent of rebels consists of Nick Hunt (vocals), John Livergood (bass), Nick Fitzgerald (guitar), Barry Carter (drums) and James Longoria (guitar) and they will shred your face off.

If you like the sounds of Stone Temple Pilots, Danzig or Alice In Chains, then Winchester Rebels are going to be your new favorite band.  Named after a similarly named road in Goleta, California, that leads out of town and into the beautiful California foothills, this band brings back memories of the hard rock 90’s yet with a distinct sound of their own.

Already getting very good press, 3 Sheets To The Wind shows all the signs of a stellar hard rock album that will prove to be a very solid launch pad for this highly talented band.  Intricate arrangements, tight sound, and lots of hooks that is sure to create lots of earworms for the listeners . . . who will soon become die-hard fans.

Right out of the chute, the band parts your hair right down the middle with the hard driving Private Angel and is one of the Boomerocity favorites.  The tune is what one would expect from a well-seasoned band who is accustomed to major success – not from a brand new band.  This bodes very well for Winchester Rebels.

Another Boomerocity favorite is the Rooster-esque tune, Dining With Devils.  We predict that this will be the tune that breaks WR into markets around the country, it’s that good – strike that – it’s that great.

Yet another Boomerocity favorite is Silence. Lyrically sound, melodically perfect, and put together with an artistic maturity well beyond this band’s age.  I suspect that this tune is a crowd favorite and will become one shouted for during shows.

Three Sheets To The Wind is a ten song audiophonic carpet bombing of the ears.  While three tunes are called out in this review, you’ll love the other seven.  Boomerocity looks forward to hearing more from and about Winchester Rebels.

You can follow the latest with the band on Facebook or Reverbnation.


Written by Randy Patterson
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