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71 South
Dave Baker
Review Date: February 01, 2015


The debut album by Dave Baker is nothing short of phenomenal. Listening to this album, you’ll quickly learn why he is a highly sought after Nashville session guitarist as well as Kellie Pickler’s ax man for the road and in the studio.

With his gig as Kellie’s guitarist, you might automatically assume that “71 South” is a country instrumental album.

Heh heh! You’d be SO wrong.

When you listen to this album, you will hear all of the influences of this amazing guitarist. Rock, shred rock, blues – even some New Orleans jazz - and everything in between.  Are my words still not getting through to you?  Okay, let me try this: This CD would make greats like Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather stand up and take notice.

Yeah, it’s that great.

The three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from “71 South” are:

Guitar Center Saturday: THIS is the tune where you’ll hear shades (shreds?) of Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. This tune is smokin’ hot and well worth the price of the entire CD by itself.

Closer To Home: This acoustic traveler of a song puts gives the listener and insight into Baker’s frame of mind during his many commutes back and forth to Nashville before moving there. This is a great song to relax to and also well worth the price of the CD on it’s own.

Geneva: This silky smooth number is just downright slick. I love it for it’s incredible intricacy and (as I already hinted) smoothness. This tune is uber cool and I predict that this is THE tune that makes listeners stand up, take notice and become lifelong Dave Baker fans.

Order or download “71 South” from the link, below. I guarantee you that, if you like great guitar work, this will be one of the best purchases you can make in 2015.

Yeah, it’s that great!

Order 71 South here: