Born To Be Blue - Remembering Naomi Judd

Posted April 30, 2022

naomi2Was I born to be unhappy? Just to live on heartache street. Was I born to go to bed each night And cry myself to sleep?”
From “Born To Be Blue” by The Judd’s

Naomi Judd died today.

It seems surreal to write those words.

I didn’t know her. I had exchanged notes with her husband, Larry Strickland, a year or so ago but I don’t know him or the Judd’s. But, like you, it doesn’t stop me from having heartfelt sympathy for Larry, Wynona, Ashley, and their families.

Naomi was incredibly talented as she was beautiful. Her fans are among the most steadfast any artist could have. The songs she recorded with her daughter, Wynona, are forever part of the soundtrack of our lives. It’s her music and her smile that I will always think about when I think of her.

According to the family’s press release, Naomi succumbed to “mental illness.” I’m pretty sure I know what that means but I won’t write those words. Not because I think that it denotes shame. It doesn’t. Not at all. For now – for this piece – let’s just stick with the words provided by Naomi’s family.

Mental illness.

Two very powerful words that have incredibly deep meaning.

Like many of you, I’ve known people with mental illness. Their misery is indescribable as is the misery of their loved ones. I’m told that it’s a mental prison. I can only empathize as to how that must feel.

To feel that there is no hope. Feeling like a total failure. A feeling of impending doom. Feeling like the world would be a better place if they were no longer alive.

But those are lies.

If you or someone you know are combating such dark thoughts, there IS hope. You are NOT a failure. Doom is NOT imminent. The world would NOT be a better place if you were no longer alive. You are deserving of help, happiness, and great mental health. To have that, you must reach out for help. Please.

If you don’t already have a doctor, try calling Lifeline National Network at 800-273-TALK (8255). For you. For your family and friends. Please call and get help. It all won’t be over with overnight, but you must take the first step to have any chance of getting out of the mental prison and hell that you are presently in.