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Artist/Band: Black Country Communion

Label: J&R Records

Released: October 30, 2012 / Reviewed: October 28, 2012

Afterglow is the third studio effort by the phenomenally talented super group, Black Country Communion. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and are totally clueless as to who Black Country Communion is, I’ll be happy to inform you.

Black Country Communion is an uber-talented band of musicians comprised of Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian.  Together they have managed to write and perform some very, very good rock and roll at a level of unsurpassed musicianship.  Afterglow is a shining example of that rare, top shelf talent put into action.

A phenomenal collection of eleven very well written rockers, Afterglow is equal parts Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Who and I’d dare say Van Halen (from the Roth era) all under a beautiful overlay of the signature sound of Bonamassa’s guitar work.  When you couple that with the incredible bass and vocal work of Hughes, the intricate keyboard work by Sherinian and the signature drum work by Bonham, you are definitely in for a sonically devastating musical treat from beginning to end.

That all said, here are three randomly picked Boomerocity favorites:

Big Train is the opening cut from the album and one tightly written and performed intricate rocker!  The tune showcases the talents of the entire band and is a great calling card to play for your friends to introduce them to BCC.

If you ever wondered what one might get if a rock and roll scientist could clone The Who and David Lee Roth into one living being, the result would crank out a song exactly like Midnight Sun. The tune is an incredible blend of Won’t Get Fooled Again and Roth’s Going Crazy.  Listen to it and tell me if I’m not right about that.

Finally, The Circle is a haunting rocker that is sure to be a crowd favorite when the band is able to hit the road together in support of the album.  Hard driving, moody and beautiful, this tune is destined to be a classic.

If you’re into excellently written, performed and recorded rock and roll, take my word for it and buy Afterglow. You won’t be disappointed.

Written by Randy Patterson
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