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alabamatowncoverAlabama Town

Peter Karp

Label: Rose Cottage Records

Release Date: January 6, 2017

Review Date: January 19, 2017

“Alabama Town” is the eighth album by Jersey born/Alabama raised singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist/performer, Peter Karp. He has managed to carve out his own niche in the bourgeoning Americana world as well as in the rough and tumble blues circles.

As a songwriter Karp first drew national attention through his work with former Rolling Stones guitarist, Mick Taylor, who recorded and toured with Karp on his first release, The Turning Point.  Several albums, bands, and tours have brought Karp to the release of “Alabama Town”.

This latest project was produced by Karp and multi Grammy Award winning producer Dae Bennett and oozes with all of the musical and geographic influences from Karp’s past and present. The listener will alternately find themselves emotionally choking from Jersey smog to ‘Bama dust as they listen to the masterfully written, performed, recorded, and produced thirteen songs on this disc.

If you want some great blues that seems to be harder and harder to find, then you’ll want to pick up Karp’s “Alabama Town”, for sure.