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All In
Dave Fields
Release Date: July 01, 2014
Review Date: June 29, 2014

A couple of years ago, a renowned publicist sent me a CD and suggested that I give it a listen – that they thought I’d really love the artist. The album was “Detonation”, the artist was guitarist Dave Fields and the publicist was right: I was blown away by Fields’ talent and the entire album – so much so that I raved about it in my review of it (here) and asked to interview him (here).

I was thrilled when I received an advance copy of his new CD, “All In” a few weeks ago. The disc is an eleven song gold mine of incredible music consisting of nine original tunes and two outstanding covers. The first cover is a down and dirty version of “Crossroads”. Dave’s treatment of it is nothing short of sheer brilliance. 

The second cover is of the Led Zeppelin classic, “Black Dog”. You won’t recognize the tune from the funky music but will immediately recognize the lyrics. Again, Fields brings a fun brilliance to the song.

All nine of the original songs on “All In” are amazing. However, I’d like to draw attention to “Voodoo Eyes”, “Not Going To Let You Get Away”, and “Lover’s Holiday”. These three songs are excellent examples of Dave’s breadth and depth as a songwriter, musician and performer.
Dave Fields is an artist who is worthy of much broader audience and he’s building a loyal following one disc, one gig, one interview at a time. So, if you love blues; if you love rock; if you love great guitar work, then definitely pick up a copy of “All In”.  Once you give it a good listening to, you’ll want the rest of Dave Fields’ work.

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