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American Police State
War Poets
Label: Indie
Review Date: August 10, 2014

“American Police State” is the first of a trilogy of EP’s scheduled for release in the coming monthsby Minneapolis based War Poets. If this CD is any indication of what to expect, then the next two CDs should prove to be equally provocative.

As the title implies, “American Police State” is a politically and issue oriented EP that focuses on the subjects of homelessness, gun related violence and income inequality. The left-of-political-center might annoy more conservative listeners but that shouldn’t dissuade them from listening to an excellent grouping of five excellently written, performed and recorded songs. Not since Bob Dylan’s best written, politically charged songs has there been such a well recorded album of this kind.

While predominantly rock based tunes that may remind one of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and others, there is one tune that especially grabbed my attention for its unique blend of rock and rap. When “American Police State: 8:05 On A Saturday Night” first started, my mind immediately raced to Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” with a little bit of Tom Petty added for flavor. The song then segues into a rap vibe that lasts pretty much the last half of the song. It’s really quite intriguing.

If you want thought provoking, issue-conscious, excellenting written and performed music, then most definitely pick up a copy of “American Police State” and stay tuned for the releases of the two CDs that will follow it. They’re bound to keep you engaged with each and every listen.