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Artist: Ace Frehley
Label: Bronx Born Records
Reviewed: October, 2009

Ace Frehley’s first album (okay! “CD” for you young punks! Geez!) in twenty years is now available in stores and on iTunes. It’s called “Anomaly” and it’s anything but that. It’s great, straight forward, by-the-numbers, rock and roll that only Ace Frehley can produce.

This disc takes me instantly back to my youth with the thunderous punch that permeates this project. There are too many songs that I could list as my favorite but, if you must know, my short list of favorites from this disc are:

The lead in cut, “Foxy & Free” has got to be one of the best tunes for today’s teens to cruise the streets by. I can see where it can give a kid of feeling like they’re the epitomy of cool.

That same kid better not be behind the wheel if they’re listening to another fave of mine, “Outer Space”. It literally reached out and pushes your right foot down and makes the odometer climb right past the danger zone. Not that it’s personally happened to me. I’m just sayin’ . . . Besides, I’m not a kid anymore.

Genghis Kahn has kick-butt stomp to it that will make you want to listen to the tune over and over again. It’s got an incredible Zeppelin-esque, Kashmir-like feel to it. I think this one is at the top of my list.

“Space Bear”, has a funny story behind it that you can catch in my interview with Ace elsewhere on this site. It’s “sister song” is “The Return of the Space Bear” and is only available on iTunes. It’s graced with Ace’s famous, infectious laugh. It’s worth the extra 99 cents just to hear it!

“Fractured Quantum” is a great acoustic number that you definitely chill to. It makes you wish that you could pack up your 12-string, sit by a quiet stream and play that song all day long.

If you’re a KISS fan and, more specifically, an Ace Frehley fan, then pick up “Anomaly” today. It will definitely give you many hours of listening pleasure and, if you’re an old cuss like me, it will take you back to you teens again.

Just don’t listen to it and drive at the same time!