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anothermileanotherminutecoverAnother Mile, Another Minute

Geoff Achison

Label: Jupiter 2 Records

Review Date: March 19017

It’s been almost ten years since we’ve seen a new studio album from Australian blues/roots singer-songwriter, and guitar sensation, Geoff Achison. The wait is finally over with his fourteenth new release, Another Mile, Another Minute.

The album delightfully delivers fourteen new tunes that he as recorded with his band, The Souldiggers. Achison seems to channel the legendary soul and blues greats while crafting a sound that is uniquely his.

All fourteen songs a masterfully written, performed, recorded and produced. The result is some of the rawest yet smoothest song crafting you’ll hear this year.

The Boomerocity favorites on this CD are the title track as well as A New Bad Habit and Dreaming I’m Awake. All three have a smooth, slinky vibe to them that hooks the listener from the git go. The songs should be on a movie soundtrack.

Yeah, seriously.

If you haven’t heard of Geoff Achison until now, check out his website,