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November 29, 2014
Tennessee Theater
Knoxville, TN

By James Patterson

Photo by James Patterson


Knoxville gave a cheering and warm welcome to one of the most prominent and distinguished southern rock bands, Blackberry Smoke.  The crowd, eager to hear all the hits of the iconic band stood for the entire show.  Without delay and under a cloud of smoke the band started with "Like I Am". It was without a doubt the crowd knew every song and they were there to help the band sing most of their hits.

Charlie Starr was certainly appreciative of the passionate crowd, and after each song he was saying "Thank You, Knoxville". Another interesting note, and almost after every song, the lights would go down and from the left side of the stage came a little red light, it would always swoop across the stage and stop where you knew Charlie stood, then the light would turn around and depart to where it came. A stage hand was carrying a little light as he was delivering yet another guitar to Charlie. As the stage lights came up Charlie was saying his "Thank You" while also strapping on a different guitar.  He was using a distinct guitar for nearly every song! We are talking a lot of guitars!

Soon the band started into another favorite song, "Sleeping Dogs", then as a crowd pleaser the Band transitioned into an Allman Brothers special, "Midnight Rider", then back into "Sleeping Dogs". 

Under a continuous haze of smoke and the noise of an enthusiastic audience  Blackberry Smoke played favorites like, "Six Ways To Sunday", "Whippoorwill"," Share the Devil", "One Horse Town" and "Lesson In A Bottle".

A couple of events noted by the band; Knoxville was their last show for the year, and their fans could expect a new CD next month.