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bloodstainsonthewallcoverBlood Stains On The Wall

Big Bill Morganfield

Label: Black Shuck Records

Review Date: February 25, 2017

Unless you’re a blues historian, odds are pretty good that you haven’t heard of Big Bill Morganfield.  Die-hard blues aficionados may tap their chin, knowing that the name might ring a bell but not really knowing why.

Well, William “Big Bill” Morganfield is a son of the late, great blues icon, Muddy Waters (born “McKinley Morganfield”), and though he didn’t have much contact with his dad, blues is definitely in the man’s DNA.

Big Bill recently released his latest CD, Blood Stains On The Wall, on Black Shuck Records. It’s raw, gritty blues at its best. It has the feel of being recorded in a creaky, old, wooden blues bar somewhere near the infamous crossroads. The CD showcases Morganfield’s breadth and depth of the blues. “Lost Without Love” and “Help The Bear” are covered masterfully and the bonus track, “Hold Me Baby,” is one of several tunes he wrote for the Fox TV series, Shots Fired.

Morganfield’s guitar work is nothing short of iconic and Augie Meyers’ contributions on keyboard are jaw-dropping great. I could listen to these guys jam for hours on in but this CD will have to do in the mean time.

Blood Stains On The Wall is a definite must-have album for your listening library so order it today if you haven’t already.