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Blues for the Modern Daze

Walter Trout

Label: Mascot Label Group

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Review Date: April 22, 2012



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love listening to the blues.  I love listening to the classic blues tunes by the original artists as well as covers of the classics by a wide range of artists.  However, I really get to jonesing when I hear some new blues – especially new blues that I think could become classics in their own right. 


Walter Trout’s 21st album, Blues for the Modern Days is just such a blues album. This album is chock full of future classics and is the kind of blues I would play if I could play blues guitar. I can’t play the blues therefore I’m left to play vicariously through others – especially Walter Trout.  


Sounding like it was recorded at the crossroads itself, Blues for the Modern Daze is the blues album of 2012. It’s tight with intensity and drips with whiskey. It’s down, it’s dirty, it’s gritty and it’s great! In fact, when I first listened to this album a month ago, I felt like reacting like Snuffles the Floating, Treat Loving Dog from those old Quick Draw McGraw cartoons (look here to refresh your memory or to see what I’m talking about).


Every song on this album is great but here’s the Boomerocity short list of favorites: 


Brother’s Keeper is on the top of the short or long list of favorites.  The guitar work on this tune is especially lethal and should be registered as a deadly weapon.  If I was writing a music dictionary, this song would be the definition of the blues.  If this album was on vinyl, the space where this song is location would have already been worn smooth from playing.  Love it! 


Right on the heels of Brother’s Keeper on the Boomerocity short list is Lonely for almost exactly the same reasons so I can’t say much more than that.  Man, I’m fighting the urge to float again just thinking about that tune. 


The last tune on the Boomerocity short list of favorites is You Can’t Go Home Again. It rocks, it rolls and is still one hunnert percent blues.  


If you love blues, buy this album. It’s that simple.




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