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Bo & the Bluesdrivers

Bo & the Bluesdrivers

Label: Ges Music

Review Date: July 5, 2015


As regular Boomerocity readers know, we love getting gems of great blues artists that you may not have heard about. These are usually great talent who don’t get much press but whose following is built by word of mouth.  And, boy what a treat they are to hear!

Recently hitting the Boomerocity mail bin was the self-titled debut CD by Bo & The Bluesdrivers. They disc was reportedly recorded, mixed and mastered in less than twenty two hours. The result is a five song EP that will delight your ear drums and leave the listener wanting more.

The band is made up of Bo (that’s all he’s known as and goes by) on guitar, Brian “Chewy” James on bass and J.J. Garcia on the skins. What this three piece blues ensemble kicks out is nothing short of amazing. 

Bo has shared the stage with Buddy Miles and Artimus Pyle. J.J. and Chewy also have a healthy resume that includes several collaborations with shockmeister, John Carpenter. 

Boomoerocity’s favorite cut off of this album, by far, is “Sea Song”. This song, alone, is worth the price of the entire EP. 

Yeah, it’s that good.

If you love your blues raw, gritty and innovative, then Bo & The Bluesdrivers is a CD that you must add to your listening library.