The Roof: The Beatles' Final Concert

Written by Randy Patterson

The Roof: The Beatles’ Final Concert
RoofTopBookCoverAuthor: Ken Mansfield
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Reviewed: December 2018

Any rock music fan – especially any sort of Beatles fan – wouldn’t be one without some sort of cursory knowledge of the band’s historic performance on the roof of Apple Records’ headquarters. Often referred to as “the roof top concert,” the performance has been viewed as one of the most extraordinary events in rock history.

Interestingly, relatively few people were physically present on the roof of that small bit of British real estate and even fewer people ever wrote about what became the Fab Four’s last concert together. One person who did is Boomerocity friend, Ken Mansfield. We’ve interviewed Ken three times (all three interviews are posted in this site) – the last chat was about his new book, The Roof: The Beatles’ Final Concert (here).

The book is an amazing chronicle of Mansfield’s memories and insights into that landmark show. As is always the case with his writing, his wordsmithing is refreshingly engaging; creating word pictures that put the reader right on the windswept roof on that cold January day. You will feel as though you’re a mere few feet from the lads from Liverpool; arms reach within Yoko Ono; dodging the camera men filming the event.

We are also given insight into the atmosphere in the busy offices within the building; the excitement of being part of the Beatles team; part of something prescient in both business and the arts.

Not wanting to rely solely on his memory, Ken went to great lengths to insure the accuracy of what he wrote by reaching out to others with related knowledge. His reward is accolades from such respectable people such as Jack Oliver (former president of Apple Records); the iconic Peter Asher (A&R chief, Apple Records); Alan Parsons (engineer for the Beatles); Andrew Loog Oldham (manager and producer for the Rolling Stones).

As for the book, The Roof: The Beatles’ Final Concert is a must have tome for any Beatles fan’s personal library. While you’re at it, I strongly suggest ordering all of Ken’s other books. They’re all worth the investment of money and time to read. All books can be ordered wherever fine books are sold.

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