Written by Randy Patterson

Review Written by James "The Cuz" Patterson

Author: Roger Wilson
Publisher: eGen Co. LLC

We are steered through life by influences which sway our senses. These influences make the impressions that dive deep into our souls and remain there.

As we grow physically and, mentally, we pull scores of those impressions back up and decide which of the assorted number will guide us. Certainly, most notably, people make these impressions on us and that is what's so intriguing about this book by Roger “Hurricane” Wilson entitled, “Hurricane”.

Follow Wilson as he lays out those beginning impressions. He starts by giving you the mental images of an adolescent kid who is shaped and molded by music and the people behind that music. Inspired to the point later in life to decide that making music was the only thing he wanted to do . . . making music his life.

Follow Roger’s ups and downs of what it takes to dedicate yourself to music. A life " that puts you traveling on the road, constantly meeting new people, and never having "routine" hours. It's certainly a must read for young inspiring musicians. You'll also be impressed by his list of celebrity personalities encountered along his life's journey.

View The Hurricane on Boomerocity TV where he was playing at the Cincinnati Guitar Festival (here) as well as a chat between Roger and radio personality, Gary Burbank (here).