The Beatles From A TO ZED: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour

Written by Randy Patterson

beatlesatozedcoverThe Beatles From A TO ZED: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour
Author: Peter Asher
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Released: October 29, 2019

Whenever I’m asked, “Beatles or the Stones”, I always answer, “Both”. That’s why I love seeing new projects put out on or by Paul, Ringo, the Stones, anything new or reissued by them, as well as projects by people legitimately connected to any of them.

That is why I am super stoked about the book by Peter Asher (his first) entitled, The Beatles From A TO ZED: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour. For those of you who don’t know who Peter is, let’s take a moment to introduce you to him.

Peter Asher is the brother of British actresses, Clare and Jane Asher. In the early to mid sixties, you would have known him as Peter of the British duo, Peter and Gordon, whose first hit was a Paul McCartney song that John Lennon rejected and let the duo record. It was their biggest hit.

How did he meet the Beatles to begin with? His sister, Jane, was engaged to Paul at the time. Yeah, he came THAT CLOSE to being Paul’s brother in law.

There’s a lot more to Peter’s story (such as being responsible for managing James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt to fame, among others) but these tidbits should answer the questions, “Who is Peter Asher and why should I buy his book?”

The Beatles from A to Zed is a natural off-shoot of Peter’s SiriusXM’s radio program, “From Me to You” on The Beatles Channel (Boomerocity highly recommends it!). On that show, Asher shares some of his memories about the Beatles, their music, their influences and who they’ve influenced. In his book, he carries it all a few steps further by mixing his reflections into a “whimsical alphabetical journey that focuses not only on songs whose titles start with each letter, but also on recurrent themes in the Beatles’ music, the instruments they played, the innovations they pioneered, the artists who influenced them, the key people in their lives, and the cultural events of the time.” (Lifted from the book’s press release).

Why the word, “Zed”? I’ll let Peter answer for himself:

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m using the English pronunciation of that particular letter. It seems appropriate under the circumstances. I’m bilingual myself, but this is a Beatles boo, so we shall stick to English.”

For those who are looking for another encyclopedia of Beatles data, this isn’t it. Fifty years after the release of Abbey Road, it is more accurately a look at their careers and events that Asher was a witness to and/or involved in. It’s a fun and insightful book to read. Readers can choose to read it from cover to cover or pick and choose which letter of the alphabet their favorite Beatles tune is tied to and read what Peter’s insights are about it.

The Beatles From A TO ZED: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour is an excellent addition to your personal library and is a perfect gift for the Beatles fan on your gift list.

You can catch Peter’s show on SiriusXM at various times and you keep up on the latest with Peter at his website,

Also, watch for our interview with Peter that will run at the first of December, 2019.