Stoned: Photographs & Treasures from Life with the Rolling Stones

Written by Randy Patterson

stonedbookcoverjowoodStoned: Photographs & Treasures from Life with the Rolling Stones
Author: Jo Wood
Publisher: Cassell
Review Date: November 4, 2019
Release Date: November 5, 2019

Boomerocity readers know that we are huge Rolling Stones fans. We scarf up whatever comes out about the bad boys of rock and roll. So, it goes without too much reason that we were pee-our-pants excited to receive our copy of Jo Wood’s latest book, Stoned: Photographs & Treasures from Life with the Rolling Stones.

You just can’t get too much more “inside” the Stones organization without being a Rolling Stone your own bad self.

In the 256 page “Stoned”, Jo shares over 500 never-before-seen photos, notes, artworks, diary entries and mementoes that were amassed from behind the stage curtain during her 30 years as Mrs. Ronnie Wood.

Ms. Wood says of the collection: “I have always loved taking pictures. Wherever I was I always had my camera with me. These pictures are real and were never taken with a book in mind. They show the band off guard, without having to worry that it was another photo shoot. It’s about real life, on the road with a bunch of guys who happened to be in a fantastic band; all too often in the public gaze but more importantly away from it as well. The book is a celebration of my family and friends; a thank you to my past, and a look into a rock and roll moment in time.”

Ronnie says of the book, “These images are great and have been tucked away for years.”" allowtransparency="no" width="120" height="240">

Some color, some black and white, the pics are occasionally complimented with Jo’s commentary about the them. It truly is an intimate insider’s look into the Rolling Stones as only an insider can see and share.

The obvious takeaway that Boomerocity had from this book is the incredibly closeness between Ronnie and Keef. Stones fans have known this for a very long time. Jo’s book chronicle’s it with intimate shots and insights that shed a little more light on the Stones’ guitar armory.

Stones fans will want this book as part of their personal library so you’ll want to order more than one copy so that you can give them as gifts to that Stones fan on your Christmas list.

Note: Watch for our interview with Jo Wood in the very near future!