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Allie Colleen Makes Her Own Way

August 2020

Allie Colleen Cropped

Boomerocity is thrilled to introduce to Allie Colleen. She’s an up-and-coming country artist that I will guarantee you that you will see this woman’s career flourish in the years to come. We at Boomerocity have immense respect for her because, though one of her parents is a legendary entertainer (and, yes, you have heard of them), Allie is bound and determined to make it on her own, with her own talent; her own chops; and co-writing her own material. This is a rare trait in a time when it’s all about who you know. Born in Owasso, Oklahoma, and a graduate from Nashville’s Belmont University (she goes into more detail about that during our chat), Allie has developed a style that is truly all her own.

Her impeccably strong voice with hints of timeless tradition falls between classic country and the emerging country sound. The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heartbreak that have shaped her. Some of her newest songs bring witty lyrics and a connection to the song unlike most today.

One of her original songs, Close Enough, gained nearly more than 715k views on YouTube. Her social media following has continued to increase every year. Her passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers resulting in here music and videos going viral on the internet – even capturing the attention of well-known radio show host Bobby Bones – proving that her audience is captive and waiting for her next song. Persistently working to hone her skills along-side industry professionals and performing at venues both around Nashville and national venues garners Allie Colleen a growing fan base.

Allie Colleen’s debut single, “Work In Progress”, defines the life that’s shaped her with personal lyrics and transparency in both the vocals and delivery. “Work in Progress” is a sweet sentiment regarding her introduction to the Music Industry co-written with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon and well known studio engineer Greg Beick. Her current single, “Along The Way” has touched hearts and continues to be a fan favorite.

Oh, the identity is revealed at some point in this video so definitely give it a listen and listen closely.

Be sure and check out Allie’s music videos on the left side of this page. Then watch our interview with her on the upper right of this page. When you’re done, be sure and tell your friends about this fun and informative interview!

You can also keep up with all things Allie at her website,

Carmine Appice Discusses Dio and Monsters & Heroes

August 2020

 CarmineAppiceLegendary drummers and brothers Carmine and Vinny Appice released a new video to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the passing of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, who passed awayon May 16, 2010 from cancer.

Boomerocity spoke to Carmine by phone as he and his family were in the midst of packing for a move to Florida. Our chat was relaxed but informative and focused mainly about the song and some memories surrounding it. Carmine is a great guy as you may already know from his many years of granting interviews.

Check out the “lockdown” version of Dio’s ‘Monsters and Heroes’, below. To the right is our chat with Carmine. Pleas check it out and let your friends know about it.




Also, please visit the following websites for more information on Carmine, Vinnie, and Ronnie James Dio:

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Mary & Randy Travis Talk About Their Marriage & "Fool's Love Affair"

Posted July 2020

HyperFocal: 0Photo by Robert TractenbergEarlier this week I had the privilege of participating in a group ZOOM call to chat with Mary and Randy Travis about his first single since 2013 entitled “Fool’s Love Affair”. In the course of the call, I asked Mary and Randy a question about their marriage that is, obviously, the polar opposite of the premise of Randy’s new single. The video of that exchange is on this page. Below is a run-down of the new single. Please check out both . . . and share it with a friend!








Marking the 35th Anniversary of Randy Travis’ first radio single, “On The Other Hand,” the Country music icon and famed actor releases his first never-before-heard single since his 2013 stroke, “Fool’s Love Affair.” Recorded as a demo, the song was stuck in storage until one of the writers, Charlie Monk, discovered it and sent it to Randy and longtime producer Kyle Lehning to bring up to 2020 standards. Country fans have long awaited the chance to hear the Country Music Hall of Fame member’s voice - which Rolling Stone calls "distinctive" and "influential" - on a new song. And though he still deals with aphasia and cannot record, Randy is bringing them just that. Download and stream the song on all digital retailers here.

In 2017, Garth Brooks said to Rolling Stone: “Think about it: when is there ever, in any format, an artist that has come on the scene that has turned a format 180 degrees from where it’s heading, back and made it bigger than it ever was? That’s impossible. I’ve only known it to happen once, ever and Travis would be the name I’d stick on it.” Of course, he was talking about Randy’s effect on country music in the mid-'80s with “On The Other Hand,” “1982,” “Forever and Ever, Amen” and more.

Fools Love AffairClick Above To Download Your Copy of Fool's Love Affair Now!Billboard's Tom Roland announced the song on Monday, with, "the tone is rich and reedy, the delivery is steady and understated, and the emotion is convincingly resigned."

The song has already seen early unprecedented support from the music industry. Fellow country artists have shared sentiments on social
media. Spotify has featured "Fool's Love Affair" across various major playlists including Hot Country, New Boots, Wild Country, Forever Country, and more. Apple Music has featured on Hot Tracks and a special promotion on Randy Travis Essentials. Major radio conglomerates Cumulus, iHeartRadio, Townsquare, Entercom as well as SiriusXM and countless more Country radio stations have featured it throughout Wednesday morning. WSM 650 AM, the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry, have a special hour of Randy Travis programming planned and featured the song on Coffee, Country and Cody.

The Tennessean called the song "a classic ballad tinged with steel guitar and carried by the warm croon that sold millions of albums and helped shape a generation of country stars to come."

The song was produced by Kyle Lehning and written by Keith Stegall, Charlie Monk, and Milton Brown. 

Travis’ impact on country music has been long-lasting. Countless artists credit him as an influence and inspiration in their music and career. His legacy is cemented in history as a member of the Grand Ole Opry (1986) and the Country Music Hall of Fame (2016) and his music will undoubtedly continue to impress both listeners and artists for the rest of time.

Greg Harris - CEO, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted August 2020

greg.headshot.2020As Boomerocity readers and followers already know, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a friend of ours for over ten years when we first interviewed their then CEO, Terry Stewart. In the years proceeding that interview, Terry would provide comments on any inductees we interviewed during his tenure at the Rock Hall.

Upon Stewart’s retirement, he was followed by the hall’s current CEO, Greg Harris. Greg has been equally as gracious and supportive of Boomerocity with his contributive comments about the inductees we’ve interviewed. Since he began his leadership at the Rock Hall, I’ve threatened to interview him about what is taking place under his leadership. With the pandemic affecting business globally – and, yes, even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Greg and I thought it was high time for us to have that long overdue chat.

The video to the right is the illustrated audio of that chat. We welcome you to give it a listen and please let your friends know about it. Also, please visit to check out its online offerings that Greg discusses during our chat as well as to help you plan your visit there.

Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown Ain't Done Yet

Posted July 2020

Savoy Brown Hi Res PR Color Photo by Juan Junco CroppedPhoto by Juan Junco CroppedThe video to your right is of a recent interview with Kim Simmonds, guitarist and founding member of the legendary British Blues-Rock band, Savoy Brown. It is our second interview with the blues icon. Our first interview took place eight years ago (here).

Savoy Brown will release their exciting new album, “Ain’t Done Yet,” August 28th on Quarto Valley Records. The CD format of “Ain’t Done Yet” can be pre-ordered from your favorite music sources. “All Gone Wrong,” the album’s first single is currently available at

The new album follows their critically acclaimed 2019 release, “City Night.” Bruce Quarto, QVR founder and CEO said, “Quarto Valley Records is honored to continue working with Savoy Brown on this second QVR release, “Ain't Done Yet,” which is now one of my all-time favorites. It’s full of great energy that is the trademark of all their blues-rock music. Everyone who hears it will immediately agree that Savoy Brown ain't nowhere near done yet.”

“The new album continues the approach I’ve been taking with the band this past decade,” says guitarist/singer/songwriter
Kim Simmonds, who formed the band in 1965 in London, England, and is one of the longest-running Blues-Rock bands in existence. “The big difference with the new album is the multi-layer approach I took to recording the guitar parts. It’s all blues-based rock music. I try to find new and progressive ways to write and play the music I’ve loved since I was a young teenager.”

Simmonds has been the group's guiding hand from the first singles released in 1966 through this newest effort, Savoy Brown’s 41st album. On the new record, Simmonds (guitar harmonica, vocals) is joined by his long-running bandmates Pat DeSalvo (bass) and Garnet Grimm (drums).

“Ain’t Done Yet” was recorded at Showplace Studios, Dover, New Jersey. Simmonds produced the album and worked closely with studio owner and engineer Ben Elliott. It’s a studio he’s used many times before and it has a rich history of blues-rock musicians recording there, including Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Leslie West.

KimSimmonds012“This is the sixth album I’ve made with Ben Elliott since the 1990s, and on previous ones I’ve had various guests join me, including Hubert Sumlin, Lonesome Dave Peverett and Duke Robillard,” continues Kim. “Shortly after making “Ain’t Done Yet,” Ben Elliot died. I have dedicated the new album to him. It will be the last album recorded at Showplace Studios.”

Energetic blues has been the calling card of the band from the beginning, but Simmonds infuses the 10 tracks on “Ain’t Done Yet” with a new spirit and vitality - plus some serious guitar chops - in a variety of styles and roots sounds that transcend the Blues-Rock idiom. “I emphasized song content on the new album, and left room for band improvisation,” he admits. “For instance, there are two acoustic-based songs and also two six-minute songs where I’m able to stretch out on guitar solos.”

“Ain’t Done Yet” kicks-off in high gear with the album’s first radio focus track, “All Gone Wrong”. “I’ve always liked ‘All Gone Wrong,’ and it’s one of my favorites on the album,” declares Simmonds.

The three-piece line-up of Kim Simmonds, Pat DeSalvo, and Garnet Grimm has established itself as the longest-running consistent line-up in the band’s history, now going strong for more than 10 years.

Please give this interview your attention and feel free to share it with your friends!

You can keep up with Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown at