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Bob Gruen – A Life of Being at the Right Place, Right Time

Posted November 2020

BobAward 300 6779 croppedIf you’ve been following Boomerocity for the past few years then you know that legendary rock and roll photographer, Bob Gruen, is a good friend of ours. We first interviewed Bob back in 2010 (here. The second interview is here and the third is here). It remains one of our more popular interviews on our site.

What we didn’t know until about a year or so later was that that none other than his dear friend, Yoko Ono, had posted that entire interview on her website. It’s still in the archives (here). That has been such a point of pride for us. Thank you, Yoko, for tipping your stylish hat to us here at Boomerocity.

Back to Bob.

Since that interview we have interviewed Bob two additional times. The interview video that you see on the right side of this page is our FOURTH interview. In it, we talk with him about his new book, Right Place, Right Time., that is basically his autobiography. It's much like an extended interview with Bob and is an excellent book to have for your personal library and will be a great gift for the music and photography lover on your gift list.

Anyway, Bob and I linked up via Zoom. He from his house in upstate New York, and I from the Smoky Mountains. As you will see, we just had a good, laid back chat. Please watch it. You’ll fall in love with Bob just like we did over ten years ago.

After you watch it, we encourage you to order his new book by clicking on its cover on this page. We also encourage you to check out his monthly submissions of his legendary photography in Bob Gruen’s Studio (here). While visiting there, we encourage you to order the prints you love directly from him (here). They are truly rock and roll treasures taken by rock’s royal photographer: Bob Gruen.

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J.P. Pennington Talks of Exile and 42 Years of Kissing People All Over

Posted October 2020

ExileBandAny baby boomer who listened to the radio for even just a little bit in the seventies has, undoubtedly, heard the song, “Kiss You All Over” by the band, Exile, from the state of Kentucky. If you heard it once, you heard it a thousand times.

It may come as a complete surprise to you (as it did to Boomerocity) that this year marks the 42nd anniversary of when the song hit number one on the music charts and remained in that spot for four weeks. It was the number five song of 1978 and ranked as the ninth in the 50 Sexiest Songs by Billboard Magazine. Currently, the song has amassed over 15.7 million Spotify streams and is included in 75.2K playlists.

As 2020 has evolved and changed the landscape of fan interaction, the band has released a new Covid-19 mask with the well- recognized ‘Kiss You All Over’ lip logo to commemorate the anniversary and keep fans safe. Fans can order the mask here.

“We’d love to "Kiss You All Over", but in the interest of keeping everyone safe, here’s our solution to keep us allsafe and COVID free!” shares the band members.

They added, "We're extremely pleased and thankful to be one of the lucky Artists that have had a "signature song" in our careers - one of those songs that just stays around through the years, from generation to generation."

“Kiss You All Over” has recently been included in the Soundtrack for the major motion picture, The Big Ugly, starring Vinnie Jones, Ron Perlman, Malcolm McDowell. It has also been included in thirty-two other productions including Happy Gilmore, Man On The Moon, Zookeeper, Wild Hogs, Employee Of The Month, Hello Ladies, American Swing and miniseries Mindhunter (Netflix), Pose (FX), Red Oaks (Amazon) and Imposters (Bravo).

2020 celebrates the 57th anniversary for the band, which formed in Richmond, Ky. Since their beginning in 1963 the band has had No. 1 hits on both the pop and country charts, achieving ten No. 1 hits on the country chart, three Gold albums and over 8 million records sold.

The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame members will continue to tour performing their greatest hits, fan-favorite on-the-road songs from over the years, and will announce new projects later in 2020. More information on Exile can be found at


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Jimmie Vaughan - 'The Pleasure's All Mine'

Posted October 2020

Matthew Sturtevant JimmieVaughan

Long time Boomerocity readers know that not only are we huge blues fans, but we are also big ol’ fans of Jimmie Vaughan!

Our first interview with Jimmie was last year (here) wherein we discussed his then new album, ‘Baby Please Come Home’. We also talked about the untimely passing of his brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as the state of the blues and the music business.

This time around, we discussed his new album, ‘The Pleasure’s All Mine’, the history of the blues as he knows it, and how the pandemic is affecting the music business.

The viewer on the lest is a slide show enhanced audio of our latest chat. As with all of our interviews, they’re laid back and intended for you to feel that you’re right there with us, listening in on the conversation. After listening to it, please tell your friends about it and invite them to listen to it, as well.

Below is the press release for ‘The Pleasure’s All Mine’. It’s chock full of background information about the album. To order the album, just click on the album cover, below. Keep up with the latest on Jimmie at




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Jimmie Vaughan
Label: The Last Music Co.
Release Date: October 30, 2020

A decade ago, Jimmie Vaughan released his definitive album Blues, Ballads and Favorites. It was a stunning collection of 15 of his favorite songs, from Billy Emerson’s “The Pleasure’s All Mine” to Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away,” and featured guest vocals from band members Lou Ann Barton and Bill Willis. Vaughan followed the album up in 2011 with More Blues, Ballads and Favorites, digging deep into the music that had helped shape his life in the blues.

On October 30, 2020, the Last Music Co. will release a special 3-vinyl LP set of these two albums titled The Pleasure’s All Mine, spotlighting the music of one of the true pioneers in showcasing the roots of American music. It will also be available on a 2-disc CD collection.

“When I talk about country and blues, they’re the same thing,” Vaughan says. “Muddy Waters and Hank Williams, Webb Pierce and Jimmy Reed. When I was a kid, I didn’t understand the difference. Everybody was always asking me, ‘Why do you want to play blues? Why don’t you play country?’ But I would listen to the country guys and they would be doing a Jimmy Reed song. They’re playing the same lick. And Ray Charles, Little Milton, Guitar Junior, Lonnie Brooks, B.B. King — they all did country songs. Is Bob Wills country blues or jazz? And the answer is, it’s American music. I’m tired of trying to pigeonhole everything. I want to bring it together; it comes from the same place.”

When Jimmie Vaughan was a young teenager in Oak Cliff, Texas, his father told him to take guitar lessons if he wanted to really learn the instrument. But when Vaughan’s teacher told the guitar student it wasn’t going to work because the student “was too far gone” to learn from the lesson books, Jimmie knew he was on his own. Which was perfect for him, because the blues would be his teacher for life. For those who find themselves living inside this true American music, it becomes a way of life, something that provides a musical force to follow forever.

Vaughan became possessed by his instrument, and the blues songs played on the Black radio station in Dallas. It has been that way ever since: more than a half-century of playing the blues the guitarist hears in his head and feels in his heart. When something this strong takes over, there is no way out. Rather, it becomes a pursuit that goes deeper and deep inside.

When Jimmie Vaughan first heard songs like Phil Upchurch’s “You Can’t Sit Down,” The Nightcaps’ “Wine, Wine, Wine,” and B.B. King’s many hit songs in the early 1960s, he knew he had found his music. And ever since then, it’s been a constant quest to play blues, whether it was in early 1970s Austin bands like Storm and then the Fabulous Thunderbirds, or later with brother Stevie Ray Vaughan on their Family Style album, and on his own releases throughout the 1990s and in 2001.

Then the solo albums stopped, until in 2010 Jimmie Vaughan had an idea to start recording the Great American Blues Songbook and found a home with Proper Music in the U.K. to release the music. He assembled the kind of band most musicians can only dream about and began recording his dream set list at the Top Hat and Wire Studios in Austin. Never one to back down from a great idea, in 2011 Vaughan and band went back into the same Top Hat Studio and recorded a second collection of some of his favorite songs, zeroing in on the music’s ability to light a fuse wherever it was heard.

To help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the first album’s release and setting the stage for Vaughan’s 70th birthday in March 2021, the Last Music Co.’s Malcolm Mills wanted to mark the special occasion with these undeniable collections. Also included for release on the same date is the vinyl reissue of 2016’s Jimmie Vaughan Trio featuring Mike Flanigin, and the Live at C-Boy’s release, which featured songs recorded at the venerable Austin nightspot that Vaughan and crew call home when they are in town.

In true Texas fashion, Jimmie Vaughan has helped give new life to the music that has been his lifeline all these decades, becoming a hero to those who know the life-giving strengths of America’s real gift to musical history. Even better, Vaughan still feels like he’s just getting started, devoted to making sure he is able to give back to the music that has given him so much. The blues is in his blood and has been there since the start. And will stay there forever.

Jeannie Seely - An American Classic and Country Music Treasure

Posted October 2020


jeannieseelyBoomerocity readers and viewers know that we love and cover classic rock, blues, R&B, and country music. We especially love chatting with those who have helped make country music some of the best and most memorable music that our great country has produced.

One of those legends who has contributed greatly to that accomplishment in the country genre is the perennially lovely and immensely talented Jeannie Seely.

Ms. Seely’s publicist, Bev Moser, says it best:

Jeannie Seely celebrated 53 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on Sept 16, 2020. Her current album, An American Classic, was released by Curb Records and produced by Don Cusic. The album includes collaborations with Bill Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, Steve Wariner, Lorrie Morgan, The Whites, Vince Gill and more. The project includes her duet with Willie Nelson, “Not A Dry Eye In The House”, was released as a single on her 80th birthday, July 6, 2020. She was honored by Lincoln Memorial University during its Fall Commencement exercises on December 14, 2019 in Tex Turner Arena where she received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree. June 21, 2019 Ms. Jeannie Seely was honored and recognized for her contributions to the entertainment industry by the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce Women in Business. Announced by country music icon and friend, Willie Nelson, The Standing Ovation Award was presented to Ms. Seely at the inaugural Influencing Women Awards Gala.

With the release of Jeannie’s latest album, ‘An American Classic’, Boomerocity had the opportunity to chat with this member of country music royalty via a video call. As you’ll see by watching the chat, she’s an amazingly easy and gracious woman to talk with. We fell in love with her all over again as we have each time we heard her singing her hits on the radio from the mid-sixties through today and we know you will, too.

After watching this interview, why don’t you order your copy of ‘An American Classic’ as well as extra copies as gifts for the country music fan on your gift list for any occasion?

Also, keep up with the latest news on Jeannie Seely by following her at the following links:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram


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Pablo Cruise Encourages The World To 'Breathe'

Posted October 2020

Pablo Cruise Jan 18 01 3I don’t know about y’all but when I hear a Pablo Cruise song – especially ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’, I’m instantly taken back to my fun-filled, carefree days of my late teens. I didn’t have a care in the world and I thought I knew everything. When the song would hit the radio, my shades would slide on, the car window would slide down, and the warm Arizona air would blow back my then-abundant hair.

The band’s signature upbeat sound is once again being presented to us via their new single, ‘Breathe’. It’s a great, uplifting song of encouragement with a positive admonition to stop and take a breath in these anxious and tumultuous times.

When the song hit, Boomerocity immediately knew that we wanted to chat with the band, who graciously made themselves available for a Zoom interview. As in their music, the group immediately put a smile on my face that lasted throughout the call and returns when I think of the conversation with them as well as when I . . . “Breathe”.

Please watch the video of this fun, informative, and positive interview. Also, please listen to ‘Breathe’ and then download it from wherever you purchase your downloads. We’re providing the link to Amazon if you prefer to purchase it from there.

Also, you can keep up with the band’s latest activity by visiting and subscribing (for free) at