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Eric Davis Puts the Shoe on the Other Foot With 'Negative Exposure'

Posted October 2020


E Warren Davis Pastor Kingsley 6.6.1 cropIf you’ve read Boomerocity much at all, you know that we typically focus purely on entertainment and the artists who produce it. However, I was recently given the opportunity to preview a rough cut of a new film, Negative Exposure, and interview its creator, Eric Davis.

Negative Exposure is timely with all that we’re seeing on our TV screens and news feeds online. What I particularly like about this movie is that it exemplifies a phrase and method that I say and use when dealing with conflict resolution: Put the shoe on the other foot.

The reason why I chose to chat with Eric about this movie is because I genuinely, sincerely believe that not only can there be substantive, productive dialog that will lead to solid solutions to the racial divide that our country is currently experiencing. After watching ‘Negative Exposure’, I feel that the film can be an effective and useful tool to initiating the appropriate dialogue towards real solutions.

Please watch the video of our interview with Eric Davis. Then, when you can closely watch, ‘put the shoe on the other foot’ and click on the movie poster on this page to rent or buy ‘Negative Exposure’.


About The Film

Negative ExposureClick Below To Rent Or Purchase This MoviePROLOGUE

American history has had a significant and symbolic role in shaping the attitudes within society. Racial and socioeconomic stereotypes have emerged from constructed beliefs created out of bias, ignorance and intolerance. The need for a conscious awakening and exploration of a paradigm shift is long overdue.


“Negative Exposure” is a compelling and heart-wrenching story that could take place in any urban city in America. Jayson Gresham is a white man trapped in a cycle of poverty and despair amidst daily occurrences of police brutality and harassment from officers who disdainfully refer to community residents as “unruly animals”.

Gang violence, drugs and spiritual decay haunt Jayson’s community, and as a single father of a baby girl, he desperately wants to break away and build a better life for his daughter.

Jayson’s dreams come crashing down when he is forced into a dangerous confrontation spearheaded by the privileged black son of a local elite, religious leader.

Negative exposure is a film that does not play down to the audience as it cleverly deals with issues of societal complexities while providing answers and solutions to racial, religious and ethnic tensions as are seen today.

Cindy Blackman-Santana Asks, 'Give The Drummer Some'

Posted October 2020

CindyBlackmanSantana01 PhotobyJimmyBruch2b reducedOne of the biggest compliments we can ever receive here at Boomerocity is when an artist sits for an interview with us – especially more than once.

Such is the case with world-renown drummer, Cindy Blackman-Santana. She is the driving rhythm for guitar greats Lenny Kravitz Click Above To Watch The Interview as well as for her husband, Carlos Santana. However, she’s making quite a name for herself with her own notable solo work.

We interviewed Cindy the first time almost two years ago (here) when she released her album, ‘Africa Speaks’. During that interview, she spoke of another album she was already working on, ‘Give The Drummer Some’, which happens to be the main subject of our more recent chat with her earlier this month.

As during our last conversation, she was quite conversational and very generous with her time and was willing to share insight into her life and her craft.

Below is the press release for ‘Give The Drummer Some’ but, suffice it to say, we strongly encourage you to pick up copies of the album – not only for your own listening library but also as gifts for the music fan on your holiday shopping list. You can order it by clicking on the album cover on this page.

We hope you enjoy the interview and share it with your friends!

Press Release

Virtuoso drummer and vocalist Cindy Blackman Santana will release a 17-song tour de force album on September 18, 2020. The album highlights Cindy's incredible versatility both behind the drum kit and in front of the microphone and features the creme de la creme of guitarists, including eight songs with Carlos Santana, two songs with John McLaughlin, three songs with Vernon Reid, and one song with Kirk Hammett. With multiple tracks produced by Grammy Award-winning Narada Michael Walden, the album is an eclectic mixture of old school funk and radio-friendly rock/pop combined with rock and jazz instrumentals.

Content will be distributed through a partnership with The Orchard and made available to fans listening on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Apple and sharing on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Order Your Copy By Clicking BelowGive The Drummer Some Cover

Kinky Friedman's Golden Heart For Gold Star Kids

Posted October 2020

Kinky 2019 2 By Issy Drinkall CroppedKinky Friedman. The name itself will always stick in your mind once you’ve heard it. If you’ve even talked to the man behind the name, you’ll never forget him and will always want to hear what he has to say.

The Texas humorist, songwriter, author, and all-around great guy will always regale those around him with stories and his unique insights into the world, country, state, and the human condition. When listening to him, one gets the impression that he’s relaying what he sees in the film reels in his mind. Love won. Love lost. Perceptions about man’s misconceptions. I don’t know for sure but I wonder if he’s a man who is looking back over his life (like we all do or will do) and wonder “What if? Coulda, shoulda, woulda.” I don’t know that for sure. Just a thought.

What I do know is that Kinky and his sister, Marcie, have reopened the family ranch, Echo Hill, to help Gold Star kids. In doing so, they’re Click Above To Listen To Our Interview With Kinky Friedman welcoming volunteers from all over to help in getting the camp ready for an onslaught of these deserving kids so that they can have an enjoyable time at the camp.

When I heard that Kinky and Marcie were doing this noble act, I reached out to Kinky to chat about it. I reached him at the ranch and we had a leisurely, laid-back conversation about the endeavor and life in general.

Please give this audio of the chat a close listen. Once you’re finished listening to it, please come back here and click on the Echo Hill logo located on this page. There, you will be able to learn of the various ways that you can help Kinky and Marcie with their worthy cause.

If this is the first time you're hearing of Kinky and want to learn more about the man, the following is the biography posted on his website,

EchoHillLogoClick Above To Learn How You Can Help Kinky Help Gold Star KidsRichard “Kinky” Friedman isn’t your usual troubadour. The iconic song and book man has been roaming the clubs, halls and bookstores of America since the 1970s with his highly unique persona, brilliant, button-pushing songs, a pantheon of entertaining books and his trademark endless cigars. Returning to the music fold full-time in recent years, Friedman has released a trilogy of sorts featuring some of the best recordings and songwriting of his long career. The “Resurrected Trilogy” starts with The Loneliest Man I Ever Met (2015), soon followed by Circus of Life and Resurrection, all terrific collections with each one surpassing the last.

After splashing down in the corporate country world of Nashville in the early 70s, Kinky, who was born in Chicago but reared from an early age in Kerrville, TX, returned to his native Texas after releasing such notable and hilariously-charged songs as “Asshole From El Paso,” “They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore,” “Dear Abbie” and “Ride ‘Em Jewboy.” Kinky’s 1973 debut, Sold American, is a classic of satire and politically-incorrect genius that set him up for a career of irreverence, charm and empathy for the common man and woman. As Kinky dealt with the compromised music industry of past decades, he grew increasingly frustrated by the constant pressures from his record companies to deliver hits, which made the process of recording in the studio far from enjoyable. He stepped away from the music business proper to focus on his burgeoning literary career. A fruitful endeavor it became, successfully spawning nearly twenty deliciously witty detective novels and ten non-fiction books. Based on his own life and several of his closest friends, the characters in Kinky’s mystery novels are as timeless and effervescent as the author himself or one of his cigars.

Kinky never stopped playing music, he just stopped wanting to deal with the business aspects of it. While writing his books, Kinky kept a regular and notorious Monday gig at the infamous Lone Star Café in New York City in the early 80s, as well as the occasional jaunt across the country and abroad. He went back on the road more and more as the 90s and the 21st Century came along and finally, at the behest and encouragement of longtime admirer and musician Brian Molnar, Kinky got back into writing and recording mostly full-time about ten years ago. By 2012, Kinky was hitting the road full-time with Molnar as his right-hand man. They toured for a good five years while Brian got Kink excited about recording again, insisting he wouldn’t “be on the clock” as he was so often when under contract with the big record companies. They even recorded at Kinky’s Echo Hill Ranch. This relaxed and excited Kinky about recording again and together they picked choice covers and old or unfinished Kinky songs for his first album in decades, The Loneliest Man I Ever Met. The process and the album reignited Kinky’s love of songwriting and he quickly fell back into his old habit of putting lyrics to resurrectioncoverOrder Kinky's New LP, Resurrection, By Clicking Abovemusic. Kinky wrote so much that he had plenty of material for the two albums that soon followed – Circus Of Life (2018) and the still-new Resurrection, which is getting the best reviews of his career. Brian produced Circus of Life and Kink’s old buddy and former bandmate, renowned guitarist/producer Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm) was recruited to produce the gorgeous and timeless Resurrection. Willie Nelson appears on two of the three parts of the trilogy and had Kinky perform at his virtual July 4th Annual Picnic this year. Two new videos from Willie’s Luck Films for Resurrection add to the current virtual glow.

Kinky’s got the bug again alright, he is writing songs and new books and can’t wait to perform again. He never really stopped touring and performs with more gravitas and humor than is probably legal. As he navigates his eighth decade on this rock, the Kinkster impatiently waits for the current pandemic to fade so he can return to the theatres, clubs and book havens to regale the ever-willing public with his wisdom, humor and empathetic delivery. Once the shows get the green light, expect to see Kinky Friedman lighting up more than his cigar, for as long as it will burn.

                • Roger Len Smith 2020

Chaz Marie Makes Up Our Mind

Posted October 2020


Chaz Marie Chaz Marie ReducedBoomerocity has a new (to us) artist whom we’re now a fervent fan of Chaz Marie!

Here’s why:

Amazing, multi-faceted voice Check

A natural born Southern girl Check

Has worked with some really
big names in the music biz Check

The wife of an amazing
guitarist & is a good friend
of Boomerocity Check

Chaz is just frickin’ amazing. She’s worked with such huge names as Brian McKnight, Kenny Rogers, Wynonna, Lonestar, Joe Nichols, Steve Azar, JoDee Messina, Richard Marx, The Temptations, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mark McKinney, Tejas Brothers, Bart Crow Band, Easton Corbin, James Otto, Josh Abbott Band, Rodney Atkins, Jon Christopher Davis, Monte Montgomery, LeAnn Rimes, Michael McDonald, Max T. Barnes, Guy Roche, Shep and Kenny, Will Lee, Dan Wojciehowski, Rob Arthur.

It’s not at all surprising when you hear her sing to find out that Chaz has definitely paid her dues in the business. According to her website, “Her first major label project was Curb Records LeAnn Rimes “Sittin' On Top of the World.” Only a few years later, she and her sister Kessie would release their self- titled debut project on Universal/Republic Records – the Marie Sisters and gain a Billboard Top 40 Country hit with their single “Real Bad Mood.”

Chaz has recently released her first all original EP. Self-titled, it’s full of great work that she has put together with the help of her husband, Mesa artist/guitarist, Quinten Hope. Chaz's brand-new single, ‘Like Last Night’, was written by Chaz and Max T. Barnes and produced by Chaz and her hubby Quinten. It's a toe tapping, extremely energetic, fun song and you can download it by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Chaz (on the right side of this page). Please feel free to tell others about it!

Ricky Byrd Discusses Sobering Times

Posted October 2020


Ricky publicity shot 01Photo by Frankie ByrdIf you’re a baby boomer at all, changes are better than even that you’re more than well aware of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan’s co-guitarist until 1991, Ricky Byrd, has enjoyed working with (and sharing the stage with a ton of rock notables as Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Dion, Jimmy Page, and scores of others.

Additionally, Ricky has put out four solo albums: Sobering Times (2020), Clean Getaway (2017), Lifer (2013), and Tough Room This World (2001). While he included a song or two regarding recovery on his first three albums, Sobering Times is the first album of Ricky’s that is one hundred percent focused on the recovery theme.

I genuinely hope you take the time to listen to/watch this interview. It’s funny. It’s informative. It’s laid back. It’s thought provoking. Most of all, if you or someone you know is in recovery or know you need to go into recovery, it is encouraging and uplifting.

After you’ve watched/listened to the interview, please, please, PLEASE click on and order Sobering Times if not all four of Ricky’s albums. At this writing, he’s signing ‘Sobering Times” if you order right away.


RickyByrdSoberingTimesCover 1 reduced Clean Getaway Lifer Tough Room . . . In This World

 Click on the album cover to order that album