Bill German Is Under The Stones' Thumb . . . Again

Posted July 2022

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 7.29.30 PMHow does a teenager from Brooklyn, New York, become a publisher of a fanzine of his favorite rock and roll band, get into their inner circle, become good friends with two of the band members, help one of the bands write a book, and hang with them around the world?

By dreaming, acting, and being persistent.

That is the story of Bill German, publisher of the Rolling Stones fanzine, Beggars Banquet, and author of the book, Under Their Thumb: How A Nice Boy From Brooklyn Got Mixed Up With The Rolling Stones and Lived To Tell About It.280737458 689998618923099 5161899952339563304 nClick Above To Order Your Copy

That book came out at the same time I launched Boomerocity. In fact, Bill was my first interview (here). He was gracious enough to grant me that interview and accepted my friend request on Facebook. We would touch base from time to time and when he let it be known to his friend base that he was publishing an updated version of the book, I had to reach out to him to request an interview.

Just as he did over 13 years ago, Bill obliged, and we had the best time chatting about his story, the first edition of his book, and the updated version. It’s a fun, laid-back, and informative interview that you’ll thoroughly enjoy listening in on if you're a Stones fan . . . or even if you’re not.

After you watch the interview, share it with your friends then click on the book cover on this page to order your copy of the new version of Bill’s book. You can keep up with German at his website, and on Facebook.

One more time, I would like to publicly thank Bill German for granting me my first interview for Boomerocity. It was the first of many "yeses" that have kept me encouraged to keep Boomerocity alive.

The Boomerocity Interview With Bill German

Ruth Ann McCartney Talks About Big Brother (Hers), Big Data, and Being the Digital Diva

Posted June 2022

ruth mccartney 3e79504f 689b 40e9 a9f1 ac3c5a7dce8 resize 750Say the name, “McCartney,” and, no doubt, a certain member of The Beatles come to mind. Early in the life of the band, Sir Paul McCartney’s widower father, James, married Angela Williams. The new Mrs. McCartney had a daughter, Ruth Ann, whom Mr. McCartney legally adopted.

Ruth began helping her stepbrother and his bandmates with the huge volume of fan mail that was being sent to their address. She ultimately began categorizing the mail by name, address, what they were writing about, etc. Of course, this was back when the most high-tech thing that most families had was a radio, tv, or maybe even a typewriter. All this work ultimately her to the entertainment business and then, high tech where she heads several companies that involve big data, social media, NFTs, and other enterprises with her husband and her mother.

I learned of her work a few months ago when I stumbled onto a video of a big data talk, she was giving in Silicon Valley. I was fascinated by what she had to say and the depth of knowledge she had from which to speak it. After watching her presentation, I just had to interview her. The interview video below is the result of my request.

Watch the interview. Share it with your friends. Then check the plethora of companies Ruth leads that are listed at

The Boomerocity Interview With Ruth Ann McCartney


Holly Montgomery Tells The World She's Sorry For Nothing

Posted June 2022

Holly Montgomery CroppedBoomerocity loves letting you in on those hidden musical gems that, unless you are in their orbit or are turned on to them by fans, you just might not have yet heard about them. Such is the case with Americana artist, Holly Montgomery.

When you listen to Holly’s work, her bluesy, soulful voice hooks you immediately. Her songwriting is clearly autobiographical at its base. While it has been said that her music is for “roadhouses and rough-edged dive bars,” Holly and her music will easily be enjoyed in the seats of theaters and concert halls around the country and anywhere in the world where Americana/blues is enjoyed and appreciated.

sorryfornothingcoverClick Above To Order Your CopyIn the video below, Holly and I chat about her new album, Sorry For Nothing. It’s a great, bluesy, soulful body of work that stick in your head long after you’ve listened to it. The music video for “All For Nothing” from the album is posted on this page. It gives you a good feel for what you can expect from the album.

Please watch this interview. Share it with your friends. Order a copy of Sorry For Nothing by clicking on the album cover on this page. While you are at it, pick up Holly's other albums. They are all excellent and are more than worthy additions to your personal listening library.

Follow Holly on her website ( as well as on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube).

The Boomerocity Interview With Holly Montgomery


Fabrizio Grossi Talks About Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic, Sonny Landreth, & the Whole Supersonic Blues Machine

Posted June 20ww

FabrizioGrossi129If it’s blues, then Boomerocity wants to hear about it no matter who’s singing or playing it. When it’s a super group like the renowned Supersonic Blues Machine, then it’s wet-our-pants time around here.

For the uninitiated, Supersonic Blues Machine is a band whose core sprung from Goodfellas – a side gig that Boomerocity friend and guitar phenom, Steve Lukather had going on. That section consisted of legendary drummer, Kenny Aronoff, Kris Barras (who has replaced Lance Lopez) on guitar and vocals, and bassist/producer Fabrizio Grossi.

Each of SBM’s albums features a who’s who of amazing artists as honored guests to play along with the trio. Those guests have included Billy F. Gibbons, Warren Haynes, Steve Lukather, Jonny Lang, Shemekia Copeland, Walter Trout, Robben Ford, and others.

The band has a new album out titled “Voodoo Nation” and I must say that I think it’s arguably their best album yet. Guests include Joe Louis Walker, Eric Gales, Sonny Landreth, Ana Popovic, King Solomon Hicks, Josh Smith Kirk Fletcher, and Charlie Starr (of Blackberry Smoke). With guests like those stellar musicians on a record, you know without any doubt that you’re in for a great musical time.

I connected with Fabrizio Grossi via Zoom to chat about the new album and some of its backstory. It was a fun, laidback chat that I think you will enjoy. Please watch it and then share it with your friends. You can order the album by clicking on the album cover located with the album press release shown below the interview video.

You can keep up with the latest on Supersonic Blues Machine at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (but they say that they don’t tweet), and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview With Fabrizio Grossi


Press Release

voodoonationcoverClick Above To Order Your CopySupersonic Blues Machine Announces New Album, 'Voodoo Nation,' out June 24th via Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group

'Voodoo Nation' features special guests Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke), Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic, Kirk Fletcher, King Solomon Hicks, Josh Smith, and Sonny Landreth

Supersonic Blues Machine will release their brand-new studio album Voodoo Nation on June 24th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Once again, the again features a reunion of some of the most exciting icons and names in blues: Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke), Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic, Kirk Fletcher, King Solomon Hicks, Josh Smith & Sonny Landreth.

"The general discontent in the world at the moment is so widespread, we get told to embrace it because that's life," says bassist Fabrizio Grossi. "No, that's not life," he asserts. "It's how we're forced to live nowadays. Voodoo Nation refers to the times we're living in, at least here in the States, but I guess the whole world can relate. We're getting to the point where we're living out life almost as Zombies. We're little machines."

But there is always hope, which is what Supersonic Blues Machine has always been about.

At the core of the band is producer/bass player Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, George Clinton, Slash) and drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Meat Loaf, Brandon Flowers, John Fogerty, Red Hot Chili Peppers) with British rocker Kris Barras replacing Lance Lopez as singer-guitarist. Barras has a recent UK Top 30 album chart hit in March himself, and he is leading the pack of the British hard rock revival with several A-list singles, BBC Radio appearances and sell-out shows.

Voodoo Nation is the band’s third studio album. "Kris comes from this British school of hard rock and blues," Grossi says. "This is a different sound to Kenny and me with the Allman Brothers, Sly Stone & The Family & Mountain. On Californisoul (2017), we were going more West Coast Funkadelic 60s and overall jam vibe. Blues but with more of a hippy flower power. With Kris, we wanted his footprint there, so that's why you hear Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Gary Moore. Kind of a Union Jack imprint over a Star-Spangled Banner."

The lyrical front on Voodoo Nation is less forgiving than everything in the past. "I'm not saying f*** flower power because that's always the message," Grossi says. "But there are very introspective things and a lot of the theatrics that we are dealing with on this record which I would say are fairly common in the blues but are dealt with a twist. There is a lot of Devil's stuff in this record."

Louisiana slide-god Sonny Landreth features on the haunting "8 Ball Lucy." The song is a story about it being "easy to fall into temptation when you're broken down and somebody comes along saying all the right things. That's the true Devil, and she's so good at playing her cards," he says. The 8-minute "Devil at the Doorstep" features Eric Gales – whose recent album Crown was a #1 Blues Billboard hit. "With Eric, it can start as a 3-minute 12 bars Blues and morph into an epic Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused thing. I also think it's a perfect soundtrack for a horror movie…If the story wasn't real!" he adds.

They underline problems faced by musicians on "Coming Thru" and "Get It Done" - the latter features Josh Smith and "Do It Again" is another firecracker that rounds off the theme with Ana Popovic. Young Harlem blues-sensation King Solomon Hicks features on the call to arms "You and Me." The band's trademark soulful blues sound can be heard beautifully on "I Will Let It Go," featuring Kirk Fletcher, and the sumptuous "Is It All" with the legendary Joe Louis Walker. The album closes with the inspirational Rootsy Rock "All Our Love" featuring Blackberry Smoke's Charlie Starr.

The song came together in the summer of 2020 whilst there were the biggest fires in living memory in California. "I was dropping off donated clothes in Woodland Hills. We were heading down through the infamous 405 and were literally driving through fire - on both sides of the road."

"I realized that we're in one of the world's richest cities, and there's discontent, plus climate change and everything else going on. How is this happening? It's total devastation. I was like, no, no, we need a major reset here. For all the wrongs in the world to be fixed, it requires all our love. That's the song, a message of hope," Grossi ends.

'Voodoo Nation' by Supersonic Blues Machine

  1. Money
  2. Too Late
  3. Coming thru
  4. You And Me (feat. King Solomon Hicks)
  5. Get It Done (feat. Josh Smith)
  6. 8 Ball Lucy (feat. Sonny Landreth)
  7. Devil At The Doorstep (feat. Eric Gales)
  8. Is It All (feat. Joe Louis Walker)
  9. Do It Again (feat. Ana Popovic)
  10. I Will Let Go (feat. Kirk Fletcher)
  11. Voodoo Nation
  12. All Our Love (feat. Charlie Starr)

Kurt Neumann 4 The Last Time

Post June 2022

Kurt NeumannHardcore music fans are, no doubt, familiar with the band, BoDeans. Sometimes seen as alternate rock, sometimes roots rock, and sometimes called heartland rock. However, you view them, most assuredly, you view them as a phenomenal band that is one of your go-to’s on your music player.

In 1986, BoDeans blasted out of Waukesha, WI in 1986 with their first album, “Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams”, that was produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett. The albums “Outside Looking” in 1987. In 1989, BoDeans released “Home”, then “Black and White” in 1991. If you are both a BoDeans fan as well as a fan of the hit TV series “Party of Five”, then you already know that the song “Closer To Free” (from the band’s 1993 album, “Go Slow Down”) was the show’s theme song. BoDeans has released a total of thirteen albums. Music by BoDeans has been heard on hundreds of times on film and TV.

BoDeans fans will be thrilled to hear that the band has a new album out – their fourteenth – titled “4 The Last Time”. Its lead single is “Ya Gotta Go Crazy”, and you can view its official music video on this page.

Boomerocity chatted with BoDeans founder, Kurt Neumann, to talk about “4 The Last Time”. It was a great chat with a great guy. If you’re a BoDeans fan, you’ll want to watch this interview. If you’re not a fan of the band, watch the interview anyway. You’ll likely become a fan of BoDeans.

Keep up with the BoDeans at their website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview Kurt Neumann of the BoDeans