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Mark Andes of Firefall Discusses 'Comet'

Posted March 2021


Firefall Group PicFirefall. The name of the band conjures memories of, among other great bands, Firefall and some of their hits like “You Are the Woman”, “Just Remember I Love”, “Strange Way”, and others.

Yes, the seventies had the best music!

For a band like Firefall to have the staying power that they do that has spanned more than forty years and toClick Below To Order Your CopyCOMET Album Cover picture show no signs of slowing down or disappearing, that speaks volumes.

Positive. Uplifting. Firefall’s work has earned them two Platinum records, three Gold records, as well as eleven singles that were chart-topping. Get this: Firefall’s huge hit, “You Are the Woman” has been played an eye-popping SEVEN MILLION times (and counting) as well as finding its place in TV programs and in movies.

Firefall is still touring and still recording. In fact, they have a new album titled, ‘Comet’, and it’s chock-full of songs with the band’s signature sound that we all know and love.

The bassist for the band Mark Andes. After a year of e-mails, we were finally able to connect for an interview and what a fun interview it was! We chatted in depth about the effects of the pandemic, the new album, and other fun topics. Please watch the interview, below, and please feel free to share it with your friends who are Firefall fans!

You can also keep up with the latest with Firefall by going to their website,

The Mark Andes Interview

Nils Lofgren Talks About His 'Bonus Tracks'

Posted March 2021

Nils Lofgren EricMarcelPhoto by Eric MarcelWhether you’re a fan of Nils Lofgren because of his solo work, his work in Grin, Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, or with Lou Reed, Lou Gramm, or Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, long-time Boomerocity readers and followers already know that we consider Nils Lofgren a great Boomerocity friend. Beginning in November 2011, we’ve interviewed four times over the years (here, here, here, a-a-a-a-and here). We’re proud to add a FIFTH interview with Nils – this time on video for the first time.

Boomerocity caught up with Nils at his home studio (via Zoom) in Scottsdale, Arizona, and, as we have during the previous four interviews, had a great chat about his latest offering, ‘Bonus Tracks,’ and several other subjects. So please give this interview your careful attention and please share it with your friends. After you’re finished, you can order ‘Bonus Tracks’ but clicking on the album cover on this page.


‘Bonus Tracks’ Press Release

With Nil’s career spanning 10-disc Face the Music Box set now out of print, Nils wanted to digitally share the 39 rare recordings and special demos that were a part of that limited edition package.

Here are a few of Nils’ thoughts about some of the songs on Bonus Tracks. Kicking off this digital only release is Grin’s version of Keith Don’t Go featuring an inspired performance by Neil Young on piano and vocals. “It Rocks” says Lofgren.

Bonus Tracks Cover ArtClick Above To Order "Bonus Tracks"The tracks weave a musical journey over the years. Includes the tender Miss You

“C”. “A love and thanks to my dear friend and bandmate Clarence Clemons. Originally titled Miss You Ray, inspired by the amazing Ray Charles, I reworked the lyric to pay homage Clarence, who stood by my side for 27 years, on and off stage. Sure miss you, ‘C’. Grateful your spirit’s still with me.”

Nils reminisces about the song Awesome Girl, “Crazy LA days led to this 4am basement demo in San Fernando Valley, produced with Kevin McCormick who’s also on bass. Mid-session, super freak himself, the amazing Rick James walked in on us and insisted on singing with me as the song grooves away through the ending. What a lift, thanks Rick!”

On What Is Enuf?!! There is a special power trio jam with the great Andy Newmark and Kevin McCormick. “As mankind still struggles with our frighteningly self-destructive nature, the rock and rage in this track speak to our current struggle to survive,” notes Nils. “What madness, and you can feel it in the performance!”

A pairing one might not imagine is Nils Lofgren and the late author Clive Cussler on Whatever Happened To Muscatel. Nils remembers “My dear, departed friend Clive Cussler, one of the all-time great adventure writers, asked me to write this country song with him. It was a joy to research the lyrics with him of old, rotgut liquors gone by the wayside, in his historic writing room in AZ. A great honor and creative adventure to team up with Clive. Rest in Peace dear, brilliant friend.”

Sing For Happiness is an old, lost Grin track featuring the soulful Ben Keith on pedal steel. Three brilliant mystery girls grace this track with amazing, gospel harmonies.

“I was always sure I’d never write a song about 9/11, as it was too painful a chapter in our history. One day, this idea of a mother who’d lost her husband in that tragedy, having to raise their young son alone, just overcame me and this song When You Are Loved appeared.”

“As the historic Yankee Stadium site was about to close, I co-wrote Yankee Stadium with my wife Amy from her perspective as a young Jersey girl going to this landmark, American institution with her Mom and sisters. The majesty and beauty of that magical place through a young girl’s eyes was an emotional adventure for us both. Goodbye Yankee Stadium. We miss you!”
And one of the greatest voices ever, Lou Gramm duets with Nils on Some Must Dream and I’ll Arise.

“Truly an honor. Hope you all enjoy these Bonus Tracks.” - Nils

John Schneider Stands On It

Posted February 2021

John Schneider 001As Boomerocity followers already know, we first interviewed “Dukes of Hazzard” star, John Schneider, in December 2019 (here). Several things were quite obvious during that chat:

  • John’s a multi-talented entertainer
  • John’s a fighter
  • John never rests on his laurels
  • John’s happily married and his wife is his true partner

We chatted about Schneider’s career, his new movie at the time, and some of his life-changing experiences – both before and after achieving the pinnacle of success.

After my first interview with John, he invited me to join him, his wife, and his good friend, Cody McCarver (formerly of Confederate Railroad), at a pop-up concert at a venue on Broadway in Nashville that he was putting that same evening. The place was packed, the fans were enjoying themselves, and the music and atmosphere was great. A great time was had by all.

As we all know, the pandemic hit the world shortly after that. And while the world seemed to grind to a halt, John kept pushing forward with such things as coming out with a line of well-received CBD oil, started and completed a new movie, and recording the soundtrack to that movie.

When news of the movie and soundtrack broke, I reached out to John to chat about them as well as other things going on in his life. As you’ll see in the video of that chat, John is his usual easy-going, funny self. I invite you to watch it all. After watching it, please go to his website,, to order his latest movie, “Stand On It” and its soundtrack, “Truck On”, or any of his other work. You can also rent “Stand On It” by clicking here. You can also check out his line of CBD oil at You can follow John on social media at:

Facebook: @johnschneiderstudios
Twitter: @John_Schneider
Instagram: @thejohnschneider

Enjoy the interview and please share it with your friend!

The Boomerocity Interview With John Schneider

Chris Turner - Lighting Up Country Music and Remembering Our Vets

Posted March 2021

chris turnerBoomerocity loves turning y’all on to new up-and-coming talent. Whether the genre is rock, blues, country, or R&B, we love bringing those “best kept secrets” coming up through the musical ranks. Country artist Chris Turner is such a person.

A Marine Corps veteran, Chris Turner is raising awareness for PTSD and veterans issues through music. Turner has just released his latest single, "All in the Same Boat" — the first single from his upcoming EP, due soon. Turner uses his platform to help raise awareness and be a voice for his fellow veteran community.

In 2019, Turner joined forces with actor and UFC legend, Randy Couture, in the fight against PTSD. His tireless efforts to bring awareness has led to media coverage by major outlets such as Forbes Magazine and Today in Nashville, and he has partnered with a variety of non-profits including Xtreme Couture, GI Foundation, Crosswinds Foundation, Together for The Good, 911 Remembered and Irreverant Warriors.

Hailing from Ninety Six, SC, Turner made his way to Nashville in 2010, determined to break out as a singer/songwriter. He started playing small restaurants and coffee shops for tips, before graduating to some of Music City’s most prestigious stages, such as the famed Bluebird Cafe, John Rich’s Redneck Riviera, Tootsies, The Nashville Palace and more. His increased exposure provided the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in Country Music, including Cody Johnson, Aaron Tippin, Darryl Worley, Craig Campbell, Trent Tomlinson, Bucky Covington, and Tracy Lawrence, to name a few.

Turner's upcoming EP is the follow-up to his 2019 release, American Made, which reached #16 on the iTunes Country Chart, and featured the single, "If You Drink,” which spawned a viral music video featuring Randy Couture and actress Mindy Robinson.

Please take the time to watch Boomerocity’s interview with Chris (below) and then share it with the country fans in your social circle. Also, you can keep up with the latest with Christ by visiting

Click Below To Watch the Interview

Damon Johnson Teaches Us Battlelessons

Posted February 2021


F3 DamonJohnson 021220 304Boomerocity LOVE’s Damon Johnson! This is our fifth interview with Damon (the first four are here, here, here, and here). This interview makes Damon the second most interviewed artist on Boomerocity (with Steve Lukather being the most interviewed).

So, yes, we love Damon Johnson’s work, spirit, attitude, and heart. Each and every time I’ve chatted with Damon, he’s always been kind, gracious and informative and he was this the same on this interview.

We catch up on news from our last interview that took place four and a half years ago; we chat about the new album, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders, and the impact of the pandemic on the music industry.

Please watch all of this interview (bottom) and share it with your friends. I also encourage you to watch for Damon’s new album to come out and order it when it lands. I’ve heard it and it’s amazing!

Also, you can keep up with Damon on social media via his website,



Damon Johnson’s Bio

Damon Johnson has been a triple threat…guitarist, singer, songwriter…since his days as front man of Alabama rock group Brother Cane and scoring three #1 singles at rock radio in the 90s (Got No Shame, And Fools Shine On, and I Lie In The Bed I Make). With that band he honed his craft with relentless touring and support slots with the likes of Van Halen, Aerosmith and Robert Plant.

Johnson later toured the world for several years as guitarist for Alice Cooper and in 2011 he joined legendary Irish rock group, Thin Lizzy. In 2013 the core of that band morphed into a new group, Black Star Riders, and released three well-received albums of which Johnson co-wrote all the songs. He has also co-written songs for Stevie Nicks, Carlos Santana, Steven Tyler, and Sammy Hagar.

Johnson’s latest solo album is ‘Memoirs Of An Uprising’, released on his own Double Dragon Records imprint in early 2019, and he is preparing no less than two new albums for the year 2020.