David Libert Talks About Alice, Prince, and Being A Rock And Roll Warrior

Posted May 2022

 About David Libert

PH56 Alice Libert recent copy reducedAlice Cooper & David Libert - Courtesy of David LibertDavid Libert personifies the phrase, Rock and Roll Warrior. From his days with the legendary group, The Happenings, to serving as a tour or artist manager for some of the biggest names in music, David has done and has the scars to prove it.

The "About The Author" notes says it best about Libert: From RockandRollWarriorCoverClick Above To Order Your Copyharmonizing in the parking lot with his buddies, to knocking on the doors in Tin Pan Alley, David Libert's career has traversed generations of legendary music artists and genres - from rock to pop, from funk to punk." The notes also say, "As a road manager, artist manager, musician, songwriter, record producer, and booking agent, Libert shares vivid tales from the inner circle of the mjusic industry: on the road, backstage, on private jets, and inside the notorious after-parties with music legends in the era of free-spirit, hard-driving rock 'n roll and R&B. It's life on the road in technicolor."

I encourage you to order Libert's book. It's a real page-turner. You can order it by clicking on the book cover displayed to the right.

The video below is Boomerocity's recent chat with David Libert. Please watch it. We hope that you enjoy and share it with your friends.

The Boomerocity Interview With David Libert

Stephane Wrembel Discusses His Django Projects and Other Works

Posted April 2022

                               Photo Credit - Casey Ryan Vock If you've followed Boomerocity for very long at all, you know that our wheelhouse is pretty much classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, and country as well as good jazz.

Every once a while, I get to talk to a person that is very good in their craft in the jazz genre. I was recently introduced to the work of Stephane Wrembel as well as having had the opportunity to interview him. He came out with an album last year and is about to go on tour.

He's got quite a following and he's a guitar instructor as well. He writes a lot of his own music, but he's also an interpreter of Django Reinhardt’s body of work. If you're into jazz at all, you'll definitely come across Django Reinhardt, whether you realize it or not. Stephane does an amazing job of interpreting - not mimicking, but interpreting - Django’s work.

Wrembel’s latest album, The Django Experiment VI, is the sixth installment (obviously) of his interpretation - and music influenced by – Django. In my interview with Stephane, we got to talk about that album. He is very creative, very passionate, very emotive about his work and his love of people. I loved talking with him. I look forward to talking to him a lot more in the years to come.

You can watch the interview, below. Underneath it is the press release announcing Stephane's latest tour. Be sure to check out the tour itinerary contained in it. You can follow him at his website, StephaneWrembel.com as well as on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview With Stephane Wrembel




Perhaps the most creative improviser in Gypsy jazz today, Mr. Wrembel plays the guitar with a rich and colorful lyricism” - New York Times

Stephane Wrembel just might be the greatest acoustic guitarist alive” - The Aquarian

For North Americans, Stephane Wrembel represents the living face of gypsy jazz” - The New York Observer

a2347816421 10Click Above To Order Your CopyCritically-acclaimed Jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel--most known for his original composition “Bistro Fada” from the Academy Award®-winning film, Midnight in Paris—is embarking on a tour in California in January of 2022—his first shows in CA since 2016-- with long-time band-mates Josh Kaye (guitar), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass) and Nick Anderson (drums). Showcasing their unparalleled prowess on the stage, the quartet will be performing Wrembel’s original compo-sitions, including music from Wrembel’s latest release, The Django Experiment VI--which embod-ies improvisation among long-time collaborators at its finest—as well as compositions by legenda-ry jazz guitarist/composer, Django Reinhardt, and other select composers.

Stephane Wrembel is a composer, teacher, and one of the most heralded guitarists in the world spe-cializing in the style of Django Reinhardt. Wrembel - who learned his craft among the Gypsies at campsites in the French countryside - has had a remarkable career, headlining shows worldwide while releasing 16 albums under his name and the nom de plume, The Django Experiment. In addi-tion to “Bistro Fada,” the theme song for Midnight In Paris, his original composition “Big Broth-er” was featured in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Midnight In Paris won the Grammy Award® for Best Soundtrack, and Wrembel has hand-selected by Hans Zimmer to perform in an all-star en-sembel at the 2012 Academy Awards®. Most recently, Wrembel recorded the entire score for Woody Allen’s new film, Rifkin’s Festival, which released on January 28th.

In October of 2019, Wrembel released the highly regarded Django L’Impressionniste, featuring 17 of Reinhardt’s early preludes for solo guitar, followed by a book of his transcriptions in April of 2021. He is the only guitarist who can perform this entire repertoire.

After the California tour, Wrembel will be gearing up for his annual Django a Gogo Music Festival and Guitar Camp. Since 2003, Wrembel has brought together some of the finest musicians in the world to celebrate the Sinti guitar style at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and The Town Hall. Django a Gogo is scheduled for March 2-6, 2022, in Maplewood, N.J., and New York City.
Thursday, March 31- Workshop at UNT Denton- 5PM-7PM
Friday, April 1- Saturday, April 2- Windmills, The Colony, TX
Thursday, April 21- Blue Llama - Ann Arbor, MI
Friday/Saturday, April 22 & 23 -Green Mill Chicago, IL
Sunday, April 24 - Bop Stop- Cleveland, OH
Monday, April 25- The Refectory- Columbus, OH
Tuesday, April 26- Club Cafe- Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, April 27- World Cafe Live - The Lounge- Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday, May 4 - Red Bird- Ottawa, ON
Thursday, May 5- The Bourgie Hall - Montreal, Canada
Friday, May 6- Maison de la Culture- Warwick, Canada
Saturday, May 7- Rivieres CAN Quebec, Canada
Tuesday, May 10 & Wednesday, May 11- Alliance Francaise- Toronto
Thursday, May 12- TBA - Ithaca
Saturday, May 21- The Mainstay- Rock Hall, Maryland
Saturday, May 26- Ramshead On Stage- Annapolis, MD
Friday, May 27- City Winery, D.C
Saturday, May 28 - TBA
Sunday, May 29- Charleston Music Hall- Charleston, SC
Tuesday, May 31- The Southern- Charlottesville, WV
Django New Orleans Shows- June 9-11- Joe’s Pub, NYC

Tickets for all shows are on sale now. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.stephanewrembel.com. All dates are subject to change.

Andy Timmons Shares His Electric Truth

Posted April 2022

AndyTimmons 5U6A6133 croppedIf you’ve followed Boomerocity for very long at all or have recently perused the well over 300 interviews I've done, you'll see a couple of interviews that I did with Andy Timmons. The first time was back in 2010. Boomerocity had only been around less than a year and a half.

In April of that year, I was at the Dallas International Guitar Festival that's put on by Jimmy Wallace, a great guitar dealer in Dallas. He knows everybody and puts on a great guitar show there. It's kind of like a mini NAMM, if you're familiar with what NAMM is in Southern California.

A good buddy of mine had come down for the show from Northwest Arkansas. We were standing around at the guitar show talking, getting ready to leave. As we were talking, we heard this music coming from one of the many stages at the show. We just looked at each other. It was almost like we were floating off the ground, sailing towards this amazing song, this amazing music we were hearing.

It was Andy Timmons, and he was playing my all-time favorite song of his called, “Cry For You”. Look it up. It's on YouTube. Buy the album, buy it directly from Andy at AndyTimmons.com.

Back to my story.

After watching Andy perform at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, I became an immediate fan of his. Ironically, I found out that I lived near him. We would bump into each other occasionally at various area spots. When I started Boomerocity, I asked if I could interview him. The first interview happened (here). And then two or three, four years later, he came out with his Andy Timmons Band Plays Sergeant Pepper. Phenomenal album! I highly recommend adding it to your personal listening library because you'll love it. It's just a great interpretation of that great Beatles album.

AndyTimmons ElectricTruthCoverArtClick Above To Order Your Copy From AndyAndy and I've been friends ever since 2010. When I saw that he had a new album come out – Electric Truth - I realize that it has been way too long since he and I last spoke.

What you're about to watch here is a fun chat between friends. A lot of fun conversation going on. We talked about Electric Truth, Steve Vai, Brian Ray, and all sorts of other subjects. I think you’ll enjoy the chat.

If you're reading this before the album lands, pre order it! You can do so at AndyTimmons.com or at your favorite online music distributor. Really. You must check out Andy’s work and buy it! Andy's a phenomenal guitar player. I put him up there with Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Paul Gilbert, and other great guitarists. He is in that rarefied air of being one of the best guitarists you'll ever listen to. Not only that, but he is also one of the kindest and sweetest people you'll ever meet. He’s got a gentle spirit about him and is a great family man. I think you'll just come away becoming a big fan of his if you aren't already.

Please watch the interview below (there’s also the Electric Truth Press Release just below the video). Share it. Buy Electric Truth. You can keep up with the latest on Andy at his website, AndyTimmons.com, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also sign up for his guitar instruct course at GuitarXperience.net. You can safely bet that Andy will take you to the next level of your guitar playing.

The Boomerocity Interview With Andy Timmons


 Click On The Lower Right Corner To Enlarge Video


Dallas, TX --- Andy Timmons has presented the first reveal from his upcoming new studio album titled ELECTRIC TRUTH, planned for a global release on April 1. Preview the composition “EWF” on the right. Timmons offers, “This track epitomizes the record for me: A great band playing live in the studio - raw, funky, edgy…real. Very much inspired by the great guitarist Al McKay of Earth, Wind and Fire.”

Reflecting on his connection to the instrument, Timmons shares, “Music and specifically the electric guitar has always been my solace and my foundation: something that I can always count on in good times and especially in bad. Something I can trust. In a world of so much misinformation and deceit I find music and playing music more important now than ever before. Electric Truth.”

He continues, “When my friend (producer and guitarist extraordinaire) Josh Smith invited me to his studio to record, I jumped at the chance. I was looking to do a record outside of my usual band just to change things up a bit. I was a fan of Josh’s playing, and really loved the bands he puts together so we decided I would just come out to L.A. as the “artist,” and he would produce and put the studio band together. We co-wrote a few things, and I wrote a few ballads as well. I’d say overall the record has a funky/earthy feel to it with plenty of melody. And it certainly rocks as well.”

Joining Timmons in the studio were drummer Lemar Carter (Joss Stone, Raphael Saadiq), bassist Travis Carlton (Larry Carlton, Robben Ford), and keyboardist Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Seal). Corry Pertile laid down vocals on a couple of tracks, while Smith performed on “Johnnie T”.

No artist has been more prolific in the livestream space than Andy Timmons. Over the course of the last several years, he has staged hundreds of well attended events curating what has become an endless on-going symposium for players and fans across the globe. Timmons began his career with Danger Danger, enjoying significant success from the start. He toured the world, sold over a million albums, and had two #1 videos on MTV. He has released seven solo albums prior to his current offering Electric Truth, following a path that captured his creative vision any given moment as the years unfolded. He spent years as Olivia Newton-John’s musical director and guitarist, alongside contributing session work to releases by Kip Winger, Paula Abdul, Paul Stanley, Simon Phillips, alongside countless radio and television jingles. He has performed with many of personal heroes, including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Mike Stern, Ace Frehley, Ted Nugent, and Pierre Bensusan. Andy has been consistently voted a “Top 20 Favorite Guitarist” in most of Japan’s rock music magazine’s reader polls, as well as being voted “Musician of the Year” four years in a row at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. He has also become one of the most respected and sought after clinicians representing Ibanez Guitars, touring The World on their behalf.


Danger Danger
Danger Danger (1989)
Down And Dirty Live (1990)
Screw It! (1991)
Cockroach (2001)

Pawn Kings
Andy Timmons and the Pawn Kings (1995)
Andy Timmons and the Pawn Kings Live (1998)

Ear X-Tacy (1994)
Ear X-Tacy 2 (1997)
Orange Swirl (1998)
The Spoken and the Unspoken (1999)
And-Thology 1 & 2 (2001)
The Was Then, This Is Now (2002)
Here Comes the Son – An Acoustic Christmas (2006)
Resolution (2006)

Andy Timmons Band
Resolution (2006)
Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt. Pepper (2011)
Theme From A Perfect World (2016)

Simon Phillips
Another Lifetime (1998)
Out of the Blue (Live, 1999)
Protocol II (2013)
Protocol III (2015)

Kip Winger
The Conversation Seems Like A Dream (1996)
Songs From The Ocean Floor (2000)

Ted Pearce
Big Metuselah: Human Sacrifice (2000)
Hallelu Et Adonai: Praise The Lord (2005)

Bonham-Bullick Rock The World With Their Marriage Made In Rock and Roll Heaven

Posted April 2022

BB367.1Bonham. Bullick.

Say those names in rock and roll circles and some people come to mind. Bonham, of course, conjures the memory of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham and the current career of his son, Jason. After watching the interview below, you’ll begin to also think of Deborah Bonham. She happens to be the sister of John and aunt of Jason.

Bullick (as in Peter Bullick) is known for his signature guitar work with Paul Rodgers on his Free Spirit concerts and tours of the UK and the States. Together they form the husband/wife team of Bonham-Bullick. Together they royally rock.

Seriously rock.

I recently interviewed Deborah and Peter about their new self-titled album, These two are and what a lot of fun they were to talk to. It's an album of blues covers that are not the typical blues covers that you would expect to hear. One of them you’ll hear me talk a lot about it with them is the Bernard Fowler song, ‘See You Again,’ from his album, ‘Bura’.

From that opening salvo all the way till the end, the album is just amazing. Thirteen tracks of great music and great blues. I know that you will really love it. I also think you will really love this laid-back, light-hearted approach to talking about that album and the music in general throughout this whole conversation that was recorded and provided below.

Beneath the interview video is the bio/press release that will fill in more details about Deborah and Peter. Be sure to purchase the album Visit their website (here) to order their new album and to see when and where they’ll be performing near you. Also, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview With Bonham-Bullick


Bio/Press Release

Bonham Bullick album COVER reducedClick Above To Order Your CopyBONHAM-BULLICK

The youngest of three children, Deborah Bonham grew up in a musical family, where all siblings had an amazing introduction to music. Deborah’s Mom and Dad were music lovers, regularly playing the music of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. They were also fans of renowned trumpeters Harry James and Louis Armstrong and vocalists Mahalia Jackson, Lena Horne and Frank Sinatra. Deborah’s older brother Michael was a photographer and DJ of Northern Soul and Motown, her eldest brother John was, and still is, considered one of the greatest drummers who ever picked up a pair of sticks. It was Deborah’s two brothers’ love of soul, blues and rock music that sparked her passion for singing from an early age.

Since those early days, Deborah has established herself as one of the finest blues, rock and soul singers the UK has produced. She has released a number of critically acclaimed original albums and her outstanding concert performances at the Royal Albert Hall, London Palladium and the 2018 USA Stars Align Tour with Paul Rodgers and Jeff Beck, all garnered rave reviews.

“Strong voiced, personable and quite the rock & roll singer. This woman, Deborah Bonham (the sister of the late Led Zeppelin drummer) earned a standing ovation at the end of her set, clearly a welcome addition to the tour.” (Stars Align Tour, Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck, Ann Wilson, Deborah Bonham, Holmdel, New Jersey) – Elmore Magazine

Deborah Bonham -The best female vocalist and tightest band we should have been hearing for the last 20 years —An arena- worthy show in a (New York) club!” Carol Miller Q104.3 – Get the Led Out

Belfast born guitarist Peter Bullick, lauded by the press for his passionate playing, paid his dues playing clubs and theatres across the UK and Europe for many years. The constant touring allowed Peter to develop his own style while holding dear guitarist Rory Gallagher and others who were a big influence on his playing. Of all the guitarists that influenced Peter it was Paul Kossoff with whom he connected with the most. It was fate that eventually Peter would meet up with Deborah and form The Deborah Bonham Band. Years later Kossoff’s influence on Peter’s playing made a strong impression on Paul Rodgers, who selected Peter and the rest of The Deborah Bonham Band to back him on both his Free Spirit tour of the UK in 2017 and the 2018 USA Stars Align Tour.

“Guitarist Peter Bullick constantly showed why Paul Rodgers touted him as a replacement for Kossoff should Free ever reform. His bluesy but always economic fills and solos lit up the stage.” – Tight But Loose

It was after the 2018 Stars Align Tour that Deborah and Peter signed with the California based Quarto Valley Records. Deborah and Peter wanted to recognise that this was a joint band venture and changed the name from The Deborah Bonham Band to Bonham-Bullick. The new album, under the new name Bonham-Bullick, showcases more of Deborah’s powerhouse vocals and Peter’s masterful guitar work, with one blistering solo after another. This is a Bonham-Bullick songbook of interpretations of some great obscure soul, blues, rock and gospel songs spanning seven decades. The Bonham-Bullick album takes you on a journey with songs from amongst others, O.V. Wright, Johnnie Taylor, Ann Peebles, Bernard Fowler, Mark Lanegan, Charles Brown and Betty Harris. Throughout the recording process of the album, Deborah and Peter have shown a deep respect for the original songs while reaching deep to make each song an exciting new adventure for the listener. After the album was recorded, it was Deborah’s lifelong friend, Robert Plant, who suggested sending the album to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios for renowned engineer Tim Oliver to mix and master. The Bonham-Bullick album will be released on Quarto Valley Records in April 2022.

Rick Ventura Reads Us The Riot Act

Posted March 2022

BAND LIKE ZEP NO LOGO reducedI just really love this guy that you're about to hear be interviewed. His name is Rick Ventura, and he is the guitarist for the metal band Riot Act, which, in its previous incarnation was Riot.

We all remember Riot from the late 70s, early 80s. They were highly rated who hit some rough spots in their career. Then they were kind of off our radar for a little while and then they got back together - not as Riot - but as Riot Act. These guys bring the old Riot music back along with some brand-new music.

I got to talk with the band's guitarist Rick Ventura recently. I talked with him twice. In full disclosure here, I had a great talk with him before this call, and, for whatever reason, the recording just wasn't there. It vaporized. But Rick was gracious enough to sit with me again, via Zoom. This just shows what a class act Rick is. I was very fortunate to be able to do that because I know fans will want to hear what he has to say. He brings us up to speed on what all happened with Riot and what brought the guys back together. They hit some more rough spots, but Riot wouldn't be Riot Act if it wasn't for the perseverance of the band.

Riot Act CloserToTheFlame Cover3000pxClick Above To Order Your CopyRiot Act has a new album coming out in April. It's two discs, so you're gonna get a heck of a bargain. But, boy, if you loved Riot in the past, you're gonna love Riot Act now.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already pre-ordered the album, do so. You're going to want to. On this page you'll see at least one video of a song from the new album. It will give you a taste of what you can expect when you pick it up.

After you watch the Boomerocity interview with Rick Ventura, share it with your friends. Then, order your copy by clicking on the album cover on this page. You can follow Riot Act on their website, RiotActBand.com, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

In addition to the interview video, below, is the press release and official bio that can be found under the video.

The Boomerocity Interview With Rick Ventura


 Click On Lower Right Corner To Enlarge Video



"Closer To The Flame"
Riot were a successful US metal band from 1976-2012

Mark Reale the founding member passed away in 2012.

The surviving members continue as the band Riot V (spoken as "Riot 5")

Original guitarist Rick Ventura continues with Riot Act.

There is no friction between the two camps, in fact quite the opposite.


This is Riot Act's debut release:


The highly anticipated debut album from Riot Act, the band initially formed by former 'classic era' Riot members Rick Ventura and Lou Kouvaris is titled "Closer To The Flame" which is sure to please fans of the late 70s, early 80's era of Riot as well as fans of Montrose, Rival Sons, The Black Crowes, Tesla and fans of classic hard rock everywhere.

The album will also come with a 12 track bonus CD of classic 1979-1981 Riot tracks recut, these recordings feature the final ever recordings of Lou Kouvaris, who tragically passed away of Covid19 in early 2020.

Riot Act features former Riot guitarist Rick Ventura, Don Chaffin vocals, Paul Ranieri bass and Claudio Galinski drums, Rick Ventura was a member of the original Riot from 1979-1984
"Riot Act’s new album is a culmination of emotions over the past two years. From the excitement of our early rehearsals to the loss of our band mate, struggling through a pandemic and not knowing if we were going to continue, the four of us knew that the band had much to offer. The result of that renewed energy is “Closer To The Flame” and with joining forces with Global Rock Records we are ready for the world to hear this new music we have been working on for so long.

Our very good friends and brothers in in Riot V of course continue their evolution of Riot onward,
While as Riot Act we aim to recapture the early Riot sound of the 1977-1983 band and bringing that into a new era with our new music.

Further illustrating that "Riot members of all eras are family" Riot V guitarist Mike Flyntz is a special guest on the record, laying down a killer solo on the track "49er" a re-recording of the Riot - Narita era classic.

Riot Act will be touring the UK as support to Lillian Axe in the UK throughout August 2022

Riot Act performed at the Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame in 2020
Rick and Lou were inducted as Riot members in 2018
Full details of the debut album "Closer To The Flame" below:

1 Closer To The Flame
2 Wanted
3 Straight For Your Heart
4 Smoking Gun
5 Almost There
6 Stand Or Fall
7 Love Come Round
8 Angelina
9 Right Between The Eyes
10 Rock Love And Roll


1 Rock City
2 49er
3 Sword And Tequila
4 Overdrive
5 No Lies
6 Tokyo Rose
7 Warrior
8 Don't Hold Back
9 White Rock
10 Outlaw
11 Road Racing
12 Altar Of The King