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Butterflies & Snakes
Crooked Eye Tommy
Label: Crooked Eye Tommy
Review Date: August 2, 2015


I’ve said it before and I’m sayin’ it again: Boomerocity loves getting new blues music in the mail and checkin’ it out. This week is no different with the new Crooked Eye Tommy CD entitled, “Butterflies & Snakes”.

“Butterflies & Snakes” is comprised of eleven brilliantly crafted and performed tunes penned by Crooked Eye Tommy front-person and band namesake, Tommy Marsh and his brother, guitarist-vocalist, Paddy Marsh (who also plays in the band). 

The opening track of the album, a tasty down-home blues tune named after the band. Tommy said that the song "is sort of an autobiography. I wrote it when we decided to name the band ‘Crooked Eye Tommy’. I was born with two lazy eyes, so the imagined discussion between a nurse and onlookers in the classic baby window at the hospital was a cool way to illustrate the way people can be cruel without even thinking about it." 

A line in the track, “Time Will Tell”, is where the album got its name from. Marsh said, "The second verse talks about the duality of women: 

Women are made of butterflies, butterflies and snakes

Trying to please a woman can give a good man the shakes

This is just one example of the treasure chest of great, new blues offered up on this must have CD. So, if you love hearing new blues, then you just gotta get your copy of “Butterflies & Snakes”. 

Yeah, it’s that good.