Social Casualties

Written by Randy Patterson

Screen Shot 2018 12 10 at 8.26.50 PMSocial Casualties
Eric Caldwell
Label: Soundcloud
Review Date: December 10, 2018

Social Casualties is the third EP in as many years recorded by my good friend, Eric Caldwell, from right here in East Tennessee.

In my review of Eric’s first EP, Marble City Rhythm, I said this about him: “With a folksy, Americana vibe with dashes of Bob Dylan and Dave Matthews grooves thrown in for additional flavor, this disc is a true joy and delight to listen to.”

In reviewing Caldwell’s second EP, Count Your Blessings, I said that he “reminds me of John Mellencamp back when he included “Cougar” in his name as well as the youthful exhuberance of an Arlo Guthrie.”

Adding to those two previous remarks, I would say that Eric is who you would get if an experimental scientist were to clone the aforementioned artists . . . with a little dash of the late, great Harry Chapin thrown in for good measure.

In the three years that I’ve known Eric, I’ve watched him grow as an artist, songwriter, musician, and human being. He’s doing a dang good job on four fronts and it shines through in vibrant musical colors on Social Casualties.

The title cut brings back visions of Dylan making a name for himself back in the sixties. His voice is that of a revolutionary making his message known through his music.

Lyrically, NYC me in mind of some of the wordsmithing of the late Harry Chapin with a hint of Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue kinda peppered in there. Love this tune!

The biographical feel of Social Casualties carries on through in the remaining Gypsy, Man On the Moon, and 2+2 – all very well written and performed tunes.

Please do look up Eric Caldwell’s “Social Casualties” on Soundcloud and ReverbNation. It’s great stuff. It really is!

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