Written by Randy Patterson

Charlie McCarter
Label: Independent
Release Date: September 16, 2019

Boomerocity readers know that we love finding and supporting good, independent, musical talent from many genres. A recent discovery has been that of Nashville, Tennessee’s Charlie McCarter.

Charlie is a founding member of the newgrass/bluegrass band, The No Dough Boys (formerly known as The Biscuit Boys), but Surprise is a three-song EP solo work of his. Surprise is what you would get if you take the multi-instrument groove and sound of the band, Chicago and throw in a strong, independent sound that challenges the listener to categorize it.

Easy. Soothing. Well written. Well played. Well recorded and produced. It is the second of a planned 4-EP release this year from the South Carolina born Nashville resident.

If you’re like Boomerocity and you love discovering great, unknown talent, then you’ll want to visit and listen to Surprise. While you’re at it, you’ll want to also listen to his previous release, Incomplete Happiness. You can order Surprise by clicking on the widget on the right.