Better On My Own – EP

Written by Randy Patterson

betteronmyowncoverFinding Thomas
Better On My Own – EP
Reviewed: November 17, 2019

In September, Boomerocity exclusively premiered Finding Thomas’ single, Better On My Own. The rest of FT’s EP dropped on Friday and delivers that single as well as three others: Waitin’ (here) On You, Short Rope, and Between A Ballad And Abrasive. Here are our thoughts on those three great tunes (am I giving it away already?):

Waitin’ (here) On You: A high energy, danceable song that is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser. The guitar work is killer on this one.

Short Rope: This is a song that you want to have playing repeatedly while you’re on a long road trip – say, along Interstate 40 in New Mexico or Arizona – at sundown. Smooth. Well written, performed, and recorded. This song is THE Boomerocity favorite.

Between A Ballad And Abrasive: This tune, energy-wise, is Waitin’ (here) On You with a bit more pedal to the metal. The tight, higher-energy crafting of this song should find itself in a movie or TV show somewhere. Yeah, it’s that good.

Distinguished by a sense of songwriting craft, Thomas Guttman creates music which hovers above genres. Born and raised in New York City, Finding Thomas performs regularly at the downtown clubs like The Standard, The Bitter End, and Bowery Electric. With deep roots in the past and a sensibility finely to the present, Finding Thomas’ upcoming EP is cohesive and complex, with each track showcasing a different side of the band. Taken as a whole, it presents a fresh, personal, authentic new voice, marked by a taut, musical tension - between loose and tight rhythms, romantic and caustic tones, and past and the future sensibilities.

Listen to the EP here.