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Clapton CoverClapton
Artist: Eric Clapton
Label: Reprise Records
Reviewed: November, 2010

Clapton is the latest offering by legendary rock icon, Eric Clapton and a must-have for fans and music enthusiasts alike. Like many classics in the making, this project digs it’s hooks deeper into the minds of its listeners each time it’s played. While writing this review, I originally wrote “rock enthusiasts” but changed it to “music enthusiasts”. The reason being is that the CD covers a wide array of genre’s that don’t really fall into any sort of rock category.

The vibe that I get from the album is that I’m sitting in Clapton’s living room, being afforded the treat of listening to him jam on a wide range of tunes with friends like J.J. Cale, Derek Trucks, drumming phenomenon, Jim Keltner, Sheryl Crow, Steve Winwood and several others. From the opening tune, Travelin’ Alone, to my personal favorite, River Runs Deep, to Autumn Leaves, you will feel that you’re sitting on the outer perimeter of this historic jam session, listening to new, as well as cover, tunes. You half expects to hear some laughing and cutting up after a song is finished.

What I would pay to be a fly on that wall!

Clapton’s voice is as smooth and strong as ever. His playing is, well, I mean, c’mon! We’re talking Clapton here! It’s great! Each note played is fluid and bang on. Because Eric is playing songs HE wants with no plan or agenda in mind, you get a sense that he’s playing from the inner-most being of his heart, creating a love and sincere interpretation to his playing. When a well established artist is able to maintain their love and passion for their music, they (as well as their listeners) are blessed by the experience.

This disc is definitely one for your library and will make an excellent gift for the avid music enthusiasts in your life.