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Coast To Coast (On A Piece Of Toast)
Sam Andrew, Mary Bridget Davies, Ben Nieves, and Jim Wall
Label: Whole Tone Entertainment
Review Date: March 29, 2015

“Coast To Coast (On A Piece Of Toast” was the last musical project worked on by Sam Andrew of Big Brother And The Holding Company before his untimely passing on February 12th of this year. What an amazing opus for this legendary pioneer of Psychedelic Rock to leave us with! 

The album is fifteen tracks of original tracks that are a brilliant blend of styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Funk and is intriguing in its smooth complexity and attention to musical detail. The aforementioned genres are written and performed to perfection.  The musician ship is top shelf and Mary Bridget Davies voice exudes a star quality that should be heard and appreciated around the world. I know that Sam had to be incredibly proud to work with her as well as Ben Nieves and Jim Wall to produce this treasure chest of musical memories.

The album is special to me for personal reasons. Sam was kind enough to meet with me in 2009, not long after I had launched Boomerocity. His openness about details about his life and career made my chat with him very special and something that I’ll always reflect on and never forget. It’s against that mental backdrop that I listen to this album and remember a man who didn’t need to give me the time of day, let alone a couple of hours of his time. 

If you want to own a piece of musical history as well as be thoroughly and delightfully entertained, you will most definitely want to order your copy of “Coast To Coast (On A Piece Of Toast). You can order or download your own copy through CDBaby (here).