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Cold Revival
Matt Turk
Label: Big Kid Records
Release Date: October 07, 2014
Review Date: October 12, 2014

In the world of Americana music, Matt Turk is one who just may well be defining the genre . . . and in a positive, entertaining way. His new album, “Cold Revival,” goes a very long way in crediting the veteran performer just such accolades.

“Cold Revival” is Turk’s tenth solo album, offering eleven mostly original tunes that will delight fans of Americana. Smooth, new, refreshing, intriguing, whimsical are words that come to mind when listening to this album.
Produced by “Wedding Crashers” director, David Dobkin, this collection of deeply personal, autobiographical songs share his relationship challenges, loss and love – things we can all relate to – and with lyrics that hook the heart.

Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from the album are:

• “Cracked Egg” is about anger in relationships. The lyrics are brilliant! For example, “I'll be all the kings horses and all the kings men, but I won't pretend I can put it all back together again."

• The woeful, “Sorrow Is Loud,” is a great break-up song. Again, the lyrics are brilliant, “. . . Sorrow is loud, heartbreak is freezin’ cold . . . no matter how much I drink, nothin’ is gonna change . . .”

• The uber smooth and soothing, “Quiet Day,” is actually a sad song but the sound is soothing, attributing to Turk’s masterful use of dichotomy in his writing.

Music nerds will love to know the list of musicians who helped Mr. Turk on “Cold Revival” so I’ll tell you. They include Dean Butterworth (Ben Harper), Chris Joyner (Ray La Montagne and Sheryl Crow), and Russ Irwin (Aerosmith and Sting). Pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

Order or download “Cold Revival,” but do so at your own risk. You’ll want to order Matt Turks other nine albums.

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