• Deep Purple Live In California '74

    Deep Purple Live In California ‘74
    Deep Purple
    Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
    Release Date: April 01, 2014
    Review Date: March 30, 2014
    Were any of you at that gargantuan California Jam Festival back in April, 1074? Can you believe that it took place forty years ago?  Wow!  As you may recall (or not, depending on what “refreshments” you were imbibing), the two headliners of that historic event were Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Deep Purple (on its third incarnation). 

    The Deep Purple presence turned out to be quite a memorable event both on and off the stage.  Their appearance before over 200,000 people took place at the end of their 28-date tour promoting their iconic Burn CD.  This incarnation of the band was arguably their most powerful in its history, consisting of Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), David Coverdale (vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass), the late Jon Lord (keyboards), and Ian Paice (drums) blast through an incredible set of songs from Burn, as well as the tunes we all knew and loved up to that point like Space Truckin’ and Smoke On The Water.  It’s especially poignant hearing Lord’s amazing wizardry on the keyboards.  He’ll be sorely missed for many years to come.

    The remaining band members have since gone on with their own successful music careers. That all said, we all remember them all too well for their performances such as the one at Cal Jam.

    While video of their onstage performance has been available on DVD since 2006, the good folks at Eagle Rock Entertainment are releasing the show for the first time on CD and Digital Audio in honor of the 40th anniversary of that show.  The music is presented unedited in all of its sonic glory.

    The album is especially important if you thought that the band’s Made In Japan album defined them.  It doesn’t.  Smoke On The Water has an incredible, bluesy lead-in before the familiar guitar riffs materialize.  Space Truckin’ is performed with an energy not heard up to that point. It’s absolutely amazing.

    Whether you’re an avid Deep Purple fan or a musicologist, this CD is a must have for your listening library as well as a great gift for the classic rock fan in your life.

  • Deep Purple Live In Paris 1975

    deeppurpleliveinparis1975Deep Purple Live In Paris 1975
    Deep Purple
    Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
    Released: January 29, 2013
    Reviewed: January 27, 2013

    As a teenager throughout most of the seventies, Deep Purple dominated the airwaves – and my turntable, for that matter. Heck, like every other kid who had even the slightest inkling of a musical ear, I even paid homage to Ritchie Blackmore by being able to play the opening riffs to Smoke On The Water. The band’s momentous live album, Made In Japan, made sure that we were all well aware of that iconic and historic tune.

    For Deep Purple, 2013 will be another momentous year. Not only is the band’s new album on the way (to be released April 30 via earMusic/Eagle Rock Entertainment), but 10 classic recordings from the Deep Purple cannon will be exhumed, starting with the 2CD/digital release of Live In Paris 1975.

    Live In Paris 1975 has been digitally remixed and re-mastered from the original multi-track recordings, sonically transmitting all the power and electricity of Deep Purple’s live stage prowess. Originally released via Purple Records, this historic concert is now presented in stunning, updated audio quality.

    Recorded on April 17, 1975 at the Palais des Sports in Paris, this was the very last concert with famed guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who was leaving Deep Purple to form Rainbow. Blackmore, vocalist David Coverdale, bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice roared with strength on such classics as Burn, Stormbringer, Highway Star, Space Truckin’, and the smash hit Smoke On The Water. Immersed in high energy solos and noteworthy improvisations, Live In Paris 1975 captures a significant moment in time in the band's history and is essential for any Deep Purple fan.

  • Glenn Hughes Resonates

    Posted February 2017 

    glennbackcoversingle copyI don’t know what songs kids play air guitar in their rooms these days but “back when I was their age” (did I just say that?!), one of the bands on my air guitar short list was most definitely Deep Purple. Their Made In Japan album was, by far, THE album (if a kid couldn’t play anything else on guitar, they could play the intro to Smoke On The Water) and when their studio album, Burn, came out, Purple fans emptied store shelves of it. 

    The band has had four different line-ups (referred to as Mark I, II, III, or IV) and have reportedly collectively sold over 100 million LPs globally. The bassist in Marks III and IV was Glenn Hughes who, along with other members of Deep Purple, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. 

    While on the subject of the RRHOF, I contacted its CEO, Greg Harris, for some comments about the legendary bassist.

    “An overall thought is what an incredible rock and roll life and what an incredibly warm and open person. It says a lot to be such a great stage presence in rock and roll, through and through and having been so well traveled. He relates to people. I’m very impressed with his friendship and generosity to everybody. If you think about his lineage in the bands he was in before Deep Purple itself and then afterwards, it’s just amazing. So, whether or not you knew the name of the guy playing bass in some of these bands – that unmistakable sound is Glenn Hughes.”

    When I asked Greg if Glenn had been involved with the Hall with regards to contributing any memorabilia, he said, “He has. He’s been, first and foremost, involved with the induction. Then, subsequent to that, he’s actually served as our Hall of Fame ambassador at a few events. He’s such a great spokesperson for the museum. He was generous in providing items for the exhibit. With such a long career and so much movement, he doesn’t have a lot of things left from those early days. But he shared with us a real period piece: a pair of platform shoes that he wore during the Deep Purple era.”

    Mr. Harris closed his comments about Glenn by adding, “Not only is Glenn an inductee into the Hall of Fame but he has also become a member of the Hall of Fame family. He truly has been a great ambassador and he and his wife, Gabby, are just terrific individuals.”

    glennbw copyGlenn not only played in the Deep Purple, but he was also part of Trapeze, California Breed, Black Sabbath, and super group, Black Country Communion (with Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian), along with scores of others over the span of his lengthy career.

    In addition to working with so many great bands and artists, Glenn has also recorded solo projects of his own. It was for his latest CD, Resonate, that I called him up at his home to chat about it.

    We started out by chatting about his induction into the RRHOF and his thoughts about it and the Hall.

    “I’ve been watching the Hall of Fame since it first started out thirty-three years ago. It’s been something I’ve been doing living in America every year. It’s a grand and glorious event, you know. And to finally be inducted with my friends in Deep Purple was a momentous occasion for rock fans, in general, not just people on stage but in general. When you think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it really is about rock and roll – or it’s supposed to be for the bands you would think of from the seventies: The Who and the Stones and the Beatles and Zeppelin and Sabbath and, now, Purple. Then, of course, a grand splattering of newer artists. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pearl Jam gets in this year (he was correct in that prediction). The door opens for other artists from Seattle and New York and London.  It’s a case of longevity and records sold, fan base and whatever grand scale of things happen.”

    Turning to the subject of his new CD, I asked Hughes why the title, “Resonate”. glennfinalpurple copy

    “Because I wanted to call the album something that meant something to me. It’s not very often that I will call an album after a song. I’ve only done it a couple of times. The album title, for me, is about what it means; about how I’m feeling and the recording and the songs. That word, ‘resonate,’ kept popping up in my head and it spoke to me. So, I was happy to call the album, ‘Resonate’.

    With recording methodology and technology changing radically over the years, I asked Glenn how this album was different for him to make than all of the other albums he has worked on.

    “It’s the first album where I went into my home studio and wrote each song in its entirety – both musically, arrangement wise, and lyrically – and then I’d sing it so that the demo would be completely done before I would turn to the next song. And, then, in the studio recording the album a couple of months later, what I did with my band is I played them one song at a time and we would do the song in its entirety and finish the song and then move to the next song. I had never had it in my head to do that before but it worked really well – to actually complete a song. Therefore, you can move freely to the next one.”

    When asked what led him to work with the group of guys that he did on Resonate, Glenn said:

    “Because they’re guys in my live band and they’re great musicians that I love working with. It’s so important for me to play live with the people I have on the record. Chad (Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) has actually been on five of my solo albums and he’s my best friend. It’s always a pleasure to have him around not only – in my opinion – that he’s the greatest rock drummer but he’s funny, kind, considerate young man. Really amazing.

    To ask an artist what song of theirs is their favorite is much like asking them who their favorite child is. However, I did ask Hughes which song would he point to as a calling card for “Resonate” for people to listen to in order to entice them to purchase it.

    “Oh my god. It’s so difficult because they’re all little movies in their own right. But I think when you hear ‘Heavy,’ I mean, it’s got it all in there, you know? But then, again, people are saying that about ‘Long Time Gone.’ They’re saying that about ‘God of Money.’ They’re saying that about “Let It Shine’ and they’re saying it about ‘Flow.’ There are so many song titles that comes to mind that I’m so engrossed in what the songs are. They’re so meaningful to me and, hopefully, they will translate to everyone.”

    Is there one that is any more personal than the rest?

    “They’re all autobiographical. Every single one is something that happened to me. I say ‘autobiographical.’ These things are about the human condition. Every song I write is about what happened between birth and death and what happens in between and the seven deadly sins that involve faith, fear, hate. It’s all hear. There’s some angst on this album. There’s a moment there where I’m really upset. I left it on tape. I don’t want to erase something that people need to hear. The way that I feel is important so I don’t want to cover up my feelings. I want people to know or feel the real emotional side of who I am.”

    As for tour plans this year and other career items on his radar, Glenn shared:

    “We’re touring next Spring. We will play throughout America in August, coming back in the Spring and we’ll come back again next September. Oh, another album from me that will be recorded late next year. Black Country Communion are making another album in January. Joe Bonamassa is at my home tomorrow. We’re almost done writing that album. Then we go into the studio in January to record that. It’s going to be a very busy year next year for me. I’m very, very busy touring. I like to tour as much as possible. A lot of my friends that are my age have stopped touring or they’re slowing down. But, for some reason, my career seems to be picking up some speed so I’m just going to go with it.”

    Wrapping out up our chat, I asked the legendary bassist how he hoped to be remembered what he hoped his legacy would be.

    “I am a messenger. That’s what my message is. I continue to be a messenger throughout the last few decades about giving love to people and giving music back and making people feel free. I like to think that my music can heal people and help give people comfort. So, at the end of it, then, I was a messenger – I AM a messenger – and I’m a healer. That’s the most important thing to me, is to carry that message.” 

    You can keep up with Glenn atwww.glennhughes.com.

  • Glenn Hughes: the Autobiography: From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion

    glennhughescoverGlenn Hughes: the Autobiography: From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion
    By: Joel McIver and Glenn Hughes
    Publisher: Jawbone Press
    Reviewed: January, 2012

    If you mention the band, Deep Purple, to any baby boomer, you will likely hear instant mouth-generated riffs of some of their huge hits like Hush, Smoke On The Water, Space Truckin’, Burn and many, many more.

    One of the most flamboyant and remarkable members of the band was bass player, Glenn Hughes, who joined the band in 1973, making up what is referred to as the “Mark III” and “Mark IV” band line-ups. To be sure, Hughes made his first mark with his band, Trapeze, but his first huge success happened when he joined Deep Purple. Hughes went on to work with many great artists and bands, as well as doing his own solo work, and is currently thumpin’ the bass with the super group, Black Country Communion.

    After over forty years in the music business, it was high time that Hughes came out with a book to tell his story up to this point. He does so (along with the excellent help and guidance of Joel McIver) with Glenn Hughes: the Autobiography: From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion.

    I don’t want to ruin any surprises in the book but I will say that Mr. Hughes is pretty darn lucky to be alive. I wasn’t surprised by the drug use. I was surprised by extent of his addictions and the distance of his fall.

    The book is chock full of entertaining stories from his days in Trapeze and Deep Purple as well as his work (or attempts at work) with greats like Tony Iommi, David Bowie and Gary Moore, to name but a few. Woven within those tales is the story of a severely addicted but incredibly talented artist. I found my stomach turning into knots as I read his many, many accounts of drug-addled living. The vast amounts of money spent and the great opportunities lost can neither be recaptured.

    That all said, Hughes tells his entire story, warts and all, from the vantage point of one who has finally come to grips with his disease and knows his life of sobriety is a rare second chance at life. It’s obvious that he’s now living life to its real fullest, with the love of life, Gabi, and the renewed passion he has for writing and making music. No, he can’t recover what he has lost in the areas of time and money but that only fuels the intensity to make every moment of every new day count. And, while I’m a huge fan of his work and love the stories behind the music, my biggest take-away is the insight Glenn Hughes provides by baring his soul regarding his disease and his sobriety.

    One interesting thing about this book besides the incredible stories: All the photos provided are in the front of the book instead of in the middle or scattered throughout. I’m not saying that it’s better or worse that way – just interesting.
    Glenn Hughes: the Autobiography isn’t just a must-have book for the rock music fan, it’s a must-have book for anyone who wrestles – no, make that “battles” – with addictive demons.

  • Now What (Gold Edition)

    nowwhatcoverNow What (Gold Edition)
    Deep Purple
    Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
    Release: January 21, 2014
    Reviewed: February 09. 2014

    Boomerocity readers may remember my review of the NOW What?!, the 19th studio album from Deep Purple that posted here last April. Since that time, the album has reached Gold Status in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and Poland, not to mention the fact the band has made a very much deserved return to the British Top-20 for the first time in 20 years.

    To celebrate the success of the album and the support of one of the greatest fan bases known in rock history, NOW What?! has been released as a Golden Deluxe Edition and the boxed set will be available exclusively via Amazon.

    NOW What?! Gold Edition 2CD, packaged in a luxurious gold cover, also includes two bonus songs on disc 1 (a stunning cover of Jerry Lee Lewis’ It’ll Be Me, and the rare B-side First Sign Of Madness, previously only available digitally and on the CD single Vincent Price), and an extra live disc. The bonus disc consists of over 70 minutes of unreleased live music recorded during the summer shows (The NOW What?! Live Tapes).

    The live recordings show a band that still love to improvise like only few others can, changing the classic songs all the time and challenging themselves to make them sound new and fresh. Still, that magic sound is there, as if time could do nothing against it. In an era when live albums are too often not much more than a studio exercise, one cannot help admiring the musicianship and the groove coming out of the speakers, especially considering that the record shows exactly what came out of the amplifiers on those nights. Great care has been paid to present this extra disc in a stunning hi-fi quality, still preserving its authenticity.

    The studio album and this exceptional live album are sold together with the inclusion of a brand new booklet to support the second disc, with notes by Ian Gillan.

    Even if you bought the original release of this CD, the NOW What ?! boxed set is worth purchasing.


    ‘Cause it includes The NOW What?! Live Tapes, a DVD with a 20-minute interview, NOW What?! The Singles (All The Time In The World, Vincent Price, Above And Beyond,), exclusive t-shirt (large), exclusive poster, and collectible sticker, that’s why!

    I’m making it easy for you to order it by putting a widget thingy on this page. All you have to do is click on it and order. It’s that simple!

  • Now What?

    nowwhatcoverNow What?
    Deep Purple
    Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
    Released: April 30, 2013
    Reviewed: April 28, 2013
    Now What is the first studio album by the legendary prog rock group, Deep Purple.

    It’s been well worth the wait.

    Old timer’s like me – as well as “newly minted” prog rock fans will love and appreciate the a pleasant overabundance of talent that this band still exhibits. With flashes of the past as well as new sounds and ideas, Deep Purple proves is underappreciated relevancy.

    The randomly chosen three Boomerocity favorites are:

    Right out of the chute, A Simple Song, starts out slow and mellow and then explodes into “Hush meets Foxy Lady” lush mixture of sound. This tune is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    The moody, slinky tone of Blood From A Stone is, by far, the Boomerocity favorite, evoking flavors of The Doors with its Riders On The Storm-like keyboards and guitar riffs that remind me of Van Halen’s Best of Both Worlds and, at times, a Bad Company tune – all in a very ingeniously prog sort of way.

    Finally, the deliciously complex rocker, Après Vous, was found to be worthy of uncountable slaps of the repeat button, to say the least. This one, too, promises to be a crowd pleaser on Deep Purple’s upcoming tour.

    Honorable mention would have to be Vincent Price. I had to read the liner notes twice to make sure producer Bob Ezrin didn’t slip in Alice Cooper for special effect. To that point, if I was interviewing any of the band, I would have to ask: Any plans on having Alice join you on stage with this song?

    Obviously, Now What is a must have for Deep Purple fans. However, I also encourage die hard prog fans to snatch this one up (or download, as the case might be).