• Black Jacket Symphony - Hotel California, Knoxville 2015

    The Black Jacket Symphony – Hotel California

    Bijou Theater

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    May 9, 2015


    Buck Johnson (L) & J. Willoughby


    Knoxville loves The Black Jacket Symphony and they love Knoxville. Both was evident in last night’s performance by BJS of Eagles’ “Hotel California” and some of the greatest hits.

    Performing in front of an enthusiastic, sold out crowd, BJS wowed them from the opening, iconic notes of “Hotel California” and every song thereafter.

    As he did during his performance last year of the Led Zeppelin IV album, Buck Johnson delivered vocals virtually identical to the album on every song he sang. When he wasn’t singing, then BJS leader, J. Willoughby did the same. Together, they were a vocal powerhouse of Eagles harmony.

    Not everyone will be able to catch Eagles in concert but everyone in the South should be able to see Black Jacket Symphony as they tour the region, presenting “Hotel California” in a way that will make Eagles band members (as well as their fans) proud.

    Black Jacket Symphony’s schedule and upcoming projects can be followed at BlackJacketSymphony.com