• For The Girls

    For The Girls
    Vincent Poag
    Label: Danal Music, LLC
    Release Date: April 8, 2014
    Review Date: May 4, 2014

    On April 8, singer/songwriter Vincent Poag returns with his sophomore album, For The Girls (Danal Music, LLC).

    For The Girls is the second CD by Vincent Poag and reflects his untethered artistic soul, traversing pop, jazz, country, balladry, world-music, and poetry. He creates a diverse tapestry of moods and styles on For The Girls, from love songs like “45 Mile An Hour Girl” and “Scarlett And Me,” to the sad lullaby of “Waiting For Me,” to the catchy bounce of “Only Love Is Magic,” to the Carribbean flavor of the title track. “Momma” is a heartwarming acoustic ode to his “favorite girl,” while the straight-from-Bourbon Street sound of “New Orleans” is steeped in big band swing and bright horn blasts. “Wings” rises with a gospel swell, backed with a choir, while “Wonder” wraps the album in a warm, folk-drenched ending, with a vocal assist from Diana Hope.
    Like many artists, Vincent Poag’s musical journey has taken some interesting directions, having diverged on and off the creative path. After a stint in Atlanta’s underground scene, Poag put the music on hold when he returned to his native New York, establishing a successful business career and living life as a family man. However, his creative energy could only be held at bay for so long, and in 2011, he released his debut Circling Back. The single from this album, “Stress,” hit#5 on the FMQB/ACQB chart, nestled between One Republic, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Coldplay. Additionally, his holiday single “This Christmas” garnered extensive US radio play.
    The incredibly well written, performed and produced For The Girls showcases
    Poag, a well-versed songwriter with a unique delivery, rich lyrical content, and compositional flair, has produced another rich listening experience on For The Girls.

  • Heroes and Demons

    heroesanddemonscoverHeroes and Demons

    Vincent Poag

    Label: Danal Music, LLC

    Release Date: June 29, 2018

    Let’s say a scientist were to be able to clone and merge people into a new human being. And let’s say that said scientist were to do such a thing with Tom Waits with a bit of Boby Dylan, Tom Petty, and Leonard Cohen sprinkled in with good measure and pop it in the oven, out would pop Vincent Poag.

    No, seriously. They would.

    Tell you what: Give a listen to his latest CD, Heroes and Demons (his third disc), and tell me it ain’t so.  

    Put another way: If Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan didn’t “happen” until this millennia, they would’ve been Vincent Poag.  Yet, he’s not by any particular style or genre. He’s his own man when it comes to songwriting and performing. 

    Get where I’m going with this?

    Poag writes and sings about every day things. Every man’s experiences. Everybody’s emotions and observations.  These songs will hit you in different ways on different days and, yet, create a cohesive image in your mind each and every time you listen to any of the ten songs on the disc.

    Vincent sings all the songs himself with the exception of “Here I Am” which was sung beautifully by Diane Hope and is one of two favorites off of “Heroes and Demons”. The other tune being “Young Again”. I guess it’s because is sounds a lot like that whole Dylan/Petty mix I was talking about earlier.

    Be sure to pick up this disc. It’s fun. It’s different. It will create delightful “earworms” in your mind with each and every listen. 

    Keep up with Vincent Poag at VincentPoag.com.