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Allie Colleen Knoxville 23Jan2021bAllie Colleen
Opening Act: Ely Fox
January 23, 2021
The Open Chord
Knoxville, TN

Boomerocity followers will remember that I had the privilege of interviewing Allie Colleen in a piece that ran in August of last year (here). I had first talked to her approximately a year ago ahead of a show that was scheduled at The Open Chord shortly after that call. As with many things in the world, that show was postponed.


However, last night the show went on and it was well worth the wait.

Before Allie hit the stage, a young up and coming artist, Eli Fox, performed. Fox is a young man who brings back memories of Hank Williams, Sr., Arlo Guthrie, John Prine, all with a dash of Bob Dylan thrown in. I encourage you to check Eli out at his website, You’ll be able to check out his music and order it as well. Please do!

When Allie hit the stage, she worked the crowd like a seasoned professional. Though well connected within the music industry, this amazing artist is working her way up the ranks on her own merit, by her own talent, by her own determination. Her generation can learn a lot by observing her work ethic.

She introduced the warm and enthusiastic crowd to her music (with only written by another artist), most of which will be included in her upcoming album targeted for release in March. And though she, like many other artists, hasn’t been able to perform live for almost a year, she was at ease, funny, insightful, and gracious with the crowd.

Boomerocity will most definitely be keeping eyes and ears on this remarkable new talent with plans on interviewing her again soon. So, stay tuned, keep up with her at her website ( You’re going to love watching this young woman’s career blossom.