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JBonamassa Knox24 0002Photo by Patricia KingJoe Bonamassa
March 5, 2024
Knoxville Civic Auditorium
Knoxville, TN

In the last 11 ½ years, I have seen (as of last night) Joe Bonamassa perform eight times (the most I’ve ever seen a major act) and have interviewed him twice (here and here). The interviews were always interesting, and the concerts never ceased to entertain and blow my mind.

Obviously, I love Bonamassa’s talent. As I’ve said repeatedly in the past, he plays like he’s being chased by the hounds of Hell. Last night was no exception.

Starting on time (as he always has), Joe hit the ground running with “Hope You Realize It” (from Joe’s latest studio album, “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2” followed by ten more songs (eleven counting his encore (“Mountain Time”) that left the capacity crowd at Knoxville Civic Auditorium anxiously waiting for what Bonamassa had in store for us next.

As was the case in the seven concerts of his that I had attended prior, Joe played note perfect on each of his songs. In my opinion, his performances of “Self-Inflicted Wounds” and “Last Matador of Bayonne” (the fourth and sixth songs played, respectively) were the absolute highlight of the evening (excluding “Mountain Time” for his encore. But I repeat myself).

As I already alluded to already, Joe Bonamassa exceeded expectations in each of the seven previous concerts of his that I have attended. I can now say that it’s been that way on all eight shows.

If you haven’t seen Joe in concert, I highly recommend attending one when you have the chance. Once you do, you will become an immediate fan and look forward to seeing him many more times.

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