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Tommy Emmanuel
Opening Act: Amanda Shires
Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville, TN
April 27, 2018

IMG 2250Photo by Randy PattersonAs Boomerocity readers already know, we are HUGE fans of Tommy Emmanuel. So, whenever he comes to town, of course, we’re right there. And I do mean, right there.

Tommy’s show Friday night at the gorgeous Tennessee Theatre, was absolutely the best I’ve seen him (and this was the fourth time I’ve seen him in concert). The seats were absolutely perfect (third row – non-orchestra pit)

The opening act was the talented Amanda Shires. Here talent and quirky humor had the entire audience engaged and laughing – just her and her ukulele. You’ll definitely want to check out her work if you’re not already familiar with it. Amanda Shires. Don’t forget her.

After a brief intermission, Tommy came out to an enthusiastic, sell-out crowd. As is always the case, Emmanuel hit the stage with unbridled energy and attacked his guitar (and the audience) with equally unrestrained talent.

Two highlights of the evening were Emmanuel’s amazing Beatles Medley. I’ve watched him perform that in the past as well as on video and the performances are always a musical treat.

The second highlight was when Ms. Shires joined Tommy on stage to perform Borderline from his new album, Accomplice One.

Wow. Just wow.

As I keep telling you people: If you’ve never caught Tommy Emmanuel in concert, you’re missing out. You really, truly are.