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Eric Johnson

October 11, 2018

Walker Theatre – Chattanooga, TN


ericjohnsonchattanooga2018001Photo by Randy Patterson

Let me start off by saying that, if you ever have the chance to see Eric Johnson in concert, DO!

This guy is un-friggin’-believable on the guitar. Of course, I already knew that by being familiar with his recorded work, but this was the first time I caught the guitar virtuoso live in concert. 

Wow. Just wow!

Counting the encore (fans wanted a second one but Johnson spent himself completely, pouring out his best during the whole show), Eric gave fans twenty-five song gems to put into their treasure chest of musical memories.

The first half of the show was comprised of a collection of twelve tunes from past EJ projects as well as from an upcoming acoustic album that he will be releasing in the future.

The second half of the show featured performing his landmark album, Ah Via Musicom, with the original band (which also performed with him during the first set).  Of course, Johnson’s serving of his signature tune, Cliffs of Dover, brought the house down, leaving the crowd blissfully spent but anxiously awaiting how the rest of the album was going to be performed live.

We were not disappointed.

For his encore, Eric and the band performed Zap. 

Amazing. Absolutley amazing.

You can catch our interview (our second, actually) with Eric,here, and you can keep up with him at his website,