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Gary Wright
Label: Larkio
Reviewed: June, 2010

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to enjoy anything in the pop genre from Gary Wright. In fact, it’s been over twenty years. With his latest album, Connected, he has reconnected with an incredible collection of incredible, new, vibrant music.

Gary Wright’s career spans 40 years and through his 70’s hits like Dream Weaver and Love Is Alive, is credited as a pioneer of in the use of synthesizers in pop music. With Wright’s continued mastering of all things “keyboard” along with the latest in recording technology, he delivers a set of tunes that are destined to be remembered by his fans as fondly as his first hits.

The album is musical message of love, encouragement delivered in a positive and deeply spiritual manner. A great example of this is the first song, Satisfied. In the spirit George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord (but different, musically), Gary sings an anthem of acknowledgement of where he is in his faith. Wright is aided on this tune by Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh. How cool is that?

Slated as the first single off of Connected, I predict that someone in the gospel or contemporary Christian music community will cover this song sometime in the next couple of years.

Remember: You heard it here first, folks.

Equally encouraging and positive is Get Your Hands Up. Also tagged for release as a single, this song will have Gary’s audiences dancing in the aisles when he performs this lively tune. If you’re feeling down or less than positive, this song will change your mood and outlook for the rest of the day. Try it sometime.

Under Your Spell is one of the most touching and moving love songs that I’ve heard in a very long time. If The Gary Wright sound on this beautiful tune is instantly identifiable with its soothing melody and words of vulnerability and openness. If a song on this album was going to be labeled “Son of Dream Weaver”, this would be it even though it really does have a very different sound.

Next on the line up is No One Does It Better. No, it’s not a cover of the great Carly Simon hit. Perfectly written and produced with his signature prowess, Wright knocks this one out of the park. This song could have easily been a song that the late Michael Jackson could have proudly recorded and taken to the type of the charts. This song is GREAT!

Can’t Find No Mercy is another deeply spiritual tune but one that could easily be sung as a love song. When I close my eyes while listening to this song, I can envision this song being performed with an awesome African-American church choir providing vocal support that only they can. This song clearly has heart and soul.

The next tune, Life’s Not A Battlefield, is a song of hope and peace. If you begin listening to this song while you’re angry at someone, I will bet you a dollar to a donut that by the song’s end, your anger will have greatly subsided.

Another future single, Gimme Some Time is a great dance tune (if I could only dance!). With former Steely Dan and Doobie Brother guitarist (and current defense technology consultant), Jeff “Skunk” Baxter providing the axe work, this offers up awesome “earworm” material with its musical hooks and positive lyrics.

The CD’s title cut is placed in the last third of the disc (or, in the middle of the digital download version). In my mind, it’s perfect. If I had a gun held to my head and was ordered to say what I thought would make this song better, they’d just have to shoot me, it’s that good. What I COULD say would be an equally cool delivery of the song would to be to hear it sung as a duet with Peter Gabriel . . . then they could pull the trigger.

Now, the next song is going to be loved by grandparents the world over. Kirra Layne is Wright’s song of love to his first granddaughter who is the namesake of this song. I am not a grandparent yet but, even so, I found this song taking me to the point of gazing at the miracle of birth and heritage that one experiences when gazing at their first grandchild. This one tugs at the heart strings.

The CD version of Connected closes with You Make Me Feel Better. This love song/song of faith (you can take it either way), is a perfect end to a perfect CD. Positive, encouraging, loving, the song will leave you feeling refreshed.

As the old Ronco commercials used to say, “But WAIT! There’s more!”

If you really want a special treat, you’ll want to download this project either on iTunes or at Gary’s website, Why? Well, you’ll get some great bonus tracks including “Son of Love Is Alive”.


Yep, that’s Wright – I mean “right”. At either website, Gary’s son, Dorian, offers an awesome version of his dad’s iconic hit, Love Is Alive. I thought the song could not be improved upon but Dorian nails this one. For us old timers that think the original hits are “sacred” and should be left alone may re-think that thought when they hear this classic covered.

For the rest of the iTunes download, you’ll also To Discover Yourself that was co-written by Wright’s late good friend, George Harrison way back in 1971. Wright recorded this song, just him and a piano, on November 29, 2001, upon hearing of Harrison’s death. This song is worth the purchase of the entire download.

The bow on the iTunes bonus package is a great song that Wright contributed to the soundtrack of Fire and Ice, a German movie released in 1986. This beautiful song will haunt you long after you’ve listened to it.

If you decide to download Connected from Gary’s website, you’ll be treated to a different buffet of delectable bonus tracks in addition to the remake of Love Is Alive also offered on the iTunes digital version.

One such delicacy is the ethereal Never Give Up. The excellently written and produced song colors the deep, meaningful lyrics with beautiful, melodic hues that decompress the heart and soul.

However, I especially like – make that “love” – Without You. This song will resonate with those who have lost a friend or loved one who they were especially close to through death or separation. Although I neglected to ask Gary about this song during our interview, I suspect that this song is about his dear friend, George Harrison. Regardless of who the song was written about, like all great songs, this is one of those that all of us can make it our own.

If you loved Gary Wright back in the seventies, you will definitely want to add Connected to your listening library. You can add this great CD to your collection by clicking on one of the images at the top of the page.