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About Bob Heimall

Baby boomers will remember the days of their youth when a newly released album was an event. We eagerly awaited the new music and couldn't wait to get it home, tear off the cellphone wrapping, pull out the album from the sleeve of the cover, and gently pull the black vinyl from its usually decorated dust cover.

As the album played on the turntable, we would read the album cover and its contents, devouring every word. Usually, though, we would study the art and graphics of the beautiful, eye-catching album cover.

Think of albums like Carly Simon's first (self-titled) album or The Doors' "13," or John Lennon's "Milk and Honey". The man behind those and many more eye-catching, iconic album covers is Boomerocity friend, Bob Heimall.

Bob sat for an interview with Boomerocity in October of 2021 (here). In that interview, we talked about his fascinating book, "Cover Stories". We stayed in contact with each other since then. When asked by us if he would submit a monthly, abridged story of some of his work, he obliged.

Each month, Bob will share a short glimpse into the stories behind many of the albums he designed.

What you will defintely want to do is order your own copy of Bob's "Cover Stories" and we encourage you to order directly from him so that he can sign it for you. You can accomplish that by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would prefer order an unsigned copy, you can do so from Bob. You can also order from Amazon by clicking on the book cover on the right side of this page.

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Book CoverClick To OrderTales of rock legends and the albums that made them famous Award winning artist, art director, designer and photographer, Bob Heimall, shares his journey in the music industry as he lives the life of drugs, sex and rock n roll and tells all about the stories behind his spiritual journey and the most famous album covers. From the psychedelia of The Doors* Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine to the austere beauty of Carly Simon's No Secrets, some of the most memorable and groundbreaking images of the last five decades have graced the covers of rock albums. For every album Bob crafted, he retains an accompanying story about the artist, the creative process, the music he loved (it was always about the music) and
the industry.

Cover Stories is a collection of evocative, humorous, and sentimental stories that narrate the personal spiritual odyssey of Bob Heimall.

Each short is the story behind Bob's greatest album covers and his faith. "As Elektra bloomed in the 1960s. Bob Heimall joined the company and, overnight, doubled the size of our graphics department. His addition added a more youthful and spirited approach....when Bob left in 1973 he was ready to go out on his own, which he did with the great success, so well-illustrated within the pages of this book.

Jac Holzman - Founder ol Elektra/Nonesuch Records and member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

"(Jac) take care of Bob... he's real talented." - Jim Morrison 1970

"This business has no business being a business." - Harry Chapin 1972

"Bob, one day I am going to marry one of these stars!" - Linda Eastman McCartney 1970