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CountYourBlessingsCoverCount Your Blessings

Eric Caldwell

Label: Soundcloud & CDBaby

Review Date: July 21, 207

Boomerocity LOVES promoting great, local, undiscovered talent and it was our privilege to review the EP, Marble City Rhythm, a couple years ago by East Tennessee artist, Eric Caldwell.

Well, Mr. Caldwell has just released a follow-up to that excellent EP. It’s entitled, Count Your Blessings, and is loaded with six original, excellently written, performed, and recorded tunes laden with Eric’s signature sound.

The opening cut, Momma Gibson, reminds me of John Mellencamp back when he included “Cougar” in his name as well as the youthful exhuberance of an Arlo Guthrie. His voice is raw and edgy and the guitar work is smooth, effortless, and uncomplicated.

Jesus Doesn’t Like Bombs is musical slap in the face to those on the religious right who espouse the indiscriminate use of nuclear weaponry, encouraging us to not make “Jesus ashamed”.

Knoxville to New Orleans is a great song about love heading south, far away and into the world of another lover. Sung with a hard edge that one might rightfully have if one experienced such betrayal and is thematically along the lines of “Hey Joe”. Give this tune a couple of listens and it will become an delightful earworm, lasting for at least a couple of days.

Yeah, it’s that good.

The remaining three tunes (Little Heartbeats, Returning Stranger, and My Uncle’s Hearse, are equal quality musically and creatively.

Keep an eye on Eric. He will continue to establish a musical beachhead in East Tennessee and then the rest of the country.

Yeah, he’s that good.

You can listen to Count Your Blessings now on Soundcloud and will soon be able to order it through CDBaby.