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Dark Symphony

Artist/Band: Le Reverie

Label: Le Reverie

Reviewed: September 23, 2012



Dark Symphony is the debut CD by the new female-fronted Goth Rock Metal band, Le Reverie. Their maiden voyage consists of 12 songs that is an incredible merging of Goth, Prog, and metal with some very healthy doses of symphonic bliss. The first batch of copies of the album will also include a free DVD of their video single, Hold Me Down. 


Not since Fleetwood Mac was fronted by Stevie Nicks has a band been fronted by a hauntingly, witchingly beautiful singer.  Allie Jorgen handily commands the mic, stage, persona and vocals as well as any veteran rocker who comes to mind.  Le Reverie will definitely continue on an upward trajectory that she and the band should be quite thrilled about. 


In addition to the great video, the three randomly selected Boomerocity favorites are: 


The proggy/gothy title cut is rich in superbly crafted melodies and vocals.  This number will get in your head and stay there for days. 


Ghost of You is a haunting song that brings to mind the great Stevie Nicks.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Ms. Nicks joins the stage with Le Reverie in the future to sing this tune with Ms. Jergen.  It would be the only thing that I can think of that would make this great song sound ever greater.


Pleasure & Pain is a song that I would imagine comes across very well in a live setting.  Hard, steady and relentless in its sound, this tune is assured to be a crowd favorite. 


Keep an eye on Le Reverie.  My spidey senses tell me we’ll be hearing about this band for years to come.




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