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Days of Innocence

Richie Onori

Label: Indie

Reviewed: August 19, 2012



Richie Onori, best known as the drummer for the 1970’s band, The Sweet (Ballroom Blitz and Fox on the Run).  He’s also worked with other huge names such as Keith Emerson, Richie Sambora, Slash, Dio and others.  


After all that work with all those huge names, Mr. Onori is also a solo artist in his own right and has released a new 14 song CD entitled, Days of Innocence. 


Some of the tunes were the result of collaborating with others but the largest part of this disc are tunes written on his own. The songs are insightful, introspective and adventurous.  


Three randomly selected songs that Boomerocity would like to highlight are: 


The title cut, Days of Innocence, has a great Van Morrison meets Don McLean.  Fun with hooks that won’t leave your cranium.  


It’s Raining In Hollywood is an introspective tune about Onori’s home town, observing the present while sadly remembering the past. 


Finally, Mend My Broken Wings, has a catchy country rock feel to it.  If the right people are listening, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this song was picked up by country radio.   


Sweet fans will want this CD because of Onori.  However, Onori will certainly develop his own, dedicated fan base totally unrelated to Sweet by way of Days of Innocence. The CD is orderable but clicking on the widget on right side of this page.


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