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Dave Fields
Label: Fields of Roses Records
Released: September 18, 2012
Reviewed: September 16, 2012

I’ve only recently become aware of Dave Fields’s work and my first gut reaction was, “Why am I always late to the party?”  After that, my reaction was, “I really love this guy’s work!” After listening to Fields’ new CD, Detonation, I immediately heard influences of Hendrix, Beck and Vaughn but in totally new and unique ways.

After you’ve listened to the disc, I’m sure that you’ll react the same way.

Expanding upon the premise of his two earlier blues-rock albums (2007’s Time’s A ‘Wastin’ and All Wound Up from 2008), Detonation, Fields tips his musical hat to his two major influences (the aforementioned Hendrix and Beck) and infuses a more rock-oriented approach while remaining true to his blues roots.

Produced by David Z (whose credits include work with Prince, Johnny Lang, Etta James and Buddy Guy), Detonation is a 12-song discovery of Fields’ incredible talent and diversity on the guitar.  Fields joined by his touring band of Andy Huenerberg on bass, Vladimir Barsky on keys, and drummer Kenny Soule.  In scoping out some performance video on YouTube, it’s clear that this band is a tight, well-oiled music making machine that is a blast to catch live – which I definitely hope to do.

Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from Detonation are:

The very Hendrixy Prophets In Disguise is a song that the great Jimi Hendrix would’ve have wrote had he been alive today. One can only imagine what this song would be like with Fields and Hendrix playing off of each other on stage with this song.  In the spirit of Are You Experienced, this song is worthy of unlimited slaps of the repeat button.

Same Old Me is an incredibly well written love song about change and facing the reality and possibility of having to possibly go separate ways.  It’s a great love song that will resonate with those who relate to what Fields pours out of his heart.

Heavy laden with incredible, dripping blues, Pocket Full of Dust would have to be THE Boomerocity favorite from this album.  It’s easy to imagine how this tune will go over with a live audience.

If you’re into blues and good rock and roll, then Detonation is a must-have album to add to your listening library.  Once you have it, you’ll be a Dave Fields fan for life.