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Down South

Bedhed and Blondy

Label: Bedhed and Blondy

Released: July 20, 2012

Reviewed: August 19, 2012



Bedhed and Blondy are a Nashville based duet consisting of Jay Studdard and Fran Jackson.  The duet has just released their third CD, Down South, following last year’s CD, Nuthin’.  This takes the duet back to their deep Southern roots and the outcome is a disc that is beautifully harmonious, and chock full of southern musical hospitality.


Studdard says of the album, “Down South came out of a bunch of things I remember about growing up in middle Georgia.  The things my parents would say; the things I was expected to do or not do.  It’s very autobiographical.  The motivation for most of these songs came from personal experiences. It’s a complicated word and we tend to only complicate it more most of the time, which makes for lots of good material to write about.”


All of the nine tunes on Down South are great.  Three randomly picked Boomerocity favorites are:


The opening cut, Loving You.  Beautifully written, performed and recorded, this song is worthy of national radio play as well as some close attention by the country cable TV networks.  Yeah, it’s that good.


A second randomly picked favorite is This Time Tomorrow.  Slow, bluesy, and just a little bit funky, this tune is worth multiple slaps of the repeat button. 


The closing tune, Lullabye, is beautiful in its sentimentality, tugging at the heart strings of both the performers and the listener.  How many of us parents have said words like those written in this song as we sung our kids to sleep?


If you love great, smooth, easy listening, Southern grown music sung from the soul, then you will definitely want to get your copy of Down South by Bedhed and Blondy.  You’re going to love it.


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