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Duran Duran Live in Concert 2011 – A Diamond in the Mind

DVD and CD

Duran Duran

Label: Eagle Records and Eagle Vision

Release Date: July 10, 2012

Review Date: July 8, 2012



In December of last year – following the incredibly successful All You Need is Now UK arena tour, Duran Duran filmed and recorded their show at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England.  The result is Duran Duran Live in Concert 2011 – A Diamond in the Mind and will definitely be an audio – as well as visual – delight to Duran Duran fans the world over. 


Directed and filmed in high definition by the band’s long-time collaborator, Gavin Elder, Diamond will be the band’s first live release in close to ten years. The line-up includes Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes.  While Andy Taylor isn’t part of the band’s arsenal of musical weaponry, Dom Brown does a phenomenal job with his more than capable talents on the guitar. 


Fans will definitely want to pick up both the DVD/Blu-ray as well as the CD because each offers something that the other doesn’t.  Boomerocity has gone to the trouble of detailing those differences for you.  They are: 


The CD has Come Undone that is not included on the DVD. 


Not included on the CD but is on the DVD are: Return to Now, Safe in the Heat of the Moment, The Man Who Stole a Leopard, Careless Memories, A Diamond in the Mind.


The randomly selected Boomerocity favorites from this collection are: 


Before the Rain is a tune from the band’s latest album, All You Need Is Now, that came out in the spring of last year to much critical acclaim.  Different from a Duran Duran point of view, it’s quite a moving song as well as quite the crowd pleaser. 


The uber cool, A View to a Kill, reminds me of watching the band perform this tune (if my memory serves me correctly) during a Grammy ceremony.  Regardless of where I saw the performance, the tune is still the only theme song from a James Bond movie to ever reach number one in the charts and this performance of the song is a great example of what that is the case. 


Finally, Ordinary World is performed as beautifully and effortlessly as the original studio recording which is as much a testament to the band (especially Brown’s solo!) as it is to Le Bon’s still-stellar vocal quality. This one tune alone is worth the price of the entire package. Trust me on this one. 


Duran Duran Live 2011 – A Diamond in the Mind is a great DVD and CD package to have in anyone’s CD as well as DVD library.  They’re both very much worth the investment.




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