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Electric Prunes: The Complete Reprise Singles

Electric Prunes

Label: Real Gone Music

Release Date: July 17, 2012

Review Date: July 15, 2012



The Electric Prunes were a singles oriented band who were noted for some of the most experimental, envelope-pushing music of the late sixties.  Though their work was recorded in mono, the band was noted for their innovative recording techniques.  According to vocalist James Lowe, the engineers at American Recording, where many of their early singles were recorded, used to transmit takes of the band’s single mixes to a radio in a car parked outside the studio to make sure the songs sounded as good on AM radio as it did in the studio.


This attention to fan satisfaction made such Prunes singles (including the 1967 smash hit “Too Much to Dream [Last Night]”) much more pleasing to the audience’s ears than their album oriented competition.


Until now, there hasn’t been a collection of Electric Prunes singles compiled that spans several band line-ups and several legendary producers (Dave Hassinger, David Axelrod).  The Complete Reprise Singles features all twenty-three of their hit singles and includes notes by Richie Unterberger and track commentary from the band.  Also included are shots of the original singles themselves plus photos provided by lead singer James Lowe.


Whether you’re a child of sixties who loved the sound of the Electric Prunes from your AM radio or a music buff or historian who loves and appreciates the roots of American rock/pop music, Electric Prunes: The Complete Reprise Singles is a necessary addition to your listening library.


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