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Feel These Blues
Slam Allen
Label: American Showplace Music
Release Date: April 14, 2015
Review Date: April 12, 2015


As I’ve said repeatedly on Boomeocity, I always love receiving a great blues CD in the mail by people I’ve not heard before. I feel that I’m being let in on a great, musical secret that I get to share with you.

Such is the case about “Feel These Blues” by Slam Allen.

For over 20 years, Slam Allen has been entertaining audiences with his unique blend of soul and blues. Playing the famous Chitlin' Circuit as well as performing around the world, Allen's music and enthusiasm has been shared with thousands of people.

For eight years Slam played an important role, as the lead singer and guitarist, in the legendary James Cotton Band whose namesake was directly connected to Muddy Waters.

Music is in Allen's blood -- he got his start from his father and uncles who were known as the Allen Brothers Band. Allen carries on the family legacy wherever he goes. His music runs deep. From B.B. King to Otis Redding, Slam has a way of making you feel the Soul of the Music. It's often difficult to tell if he's doing one of his originals or an old blues or soul cover. Regardless, he makes all the music his own.

Three randomly chosen favorites from this album are:

“World Don’t Stop Turning” is delivered shoulder twisting provocation that one can slow dance to all night long.

The slow and swaying, “That’s Where You Are,” earned the second largest amount of slaps of the repeat button on my player.  

The most slaps of the repeat button was earned by Slam’s cover of the Prince classic, “Purple Rain.” Drenched in  heart felt soul and blues, this tune closes the album out with a bang.

Wanna hear some great blues, then “Feel These Blues” is well worth the money.