Bohemian Rhapsody

Written by Randy Patterson

Bohemian Rhapsody PosterBohemian Rhapsody

Starring: Rami Malek. Lucy Boynton. Bran Singer. Gwilym Lee

Studio: 20th Century Fox, Initial Entertainment Group, and Regency Enterprises

Review Date: November 6, 2018


I remember clearly when Queen’s “Night at the Opera” came out in 1975. One of the classes I took as a Junior in high school was Mrs. Caldwell’s concert choir class. We were being educated in the classics. I didn’t see the appeal to it until Queen’s landmark album landed. 

Suddenly, classical was cool and the reason was the song, Bohemian Rhapsody. Lead singer, Freddie Mercury, was mesmerizing both because of his stage presence as well as his amazing, operatic voice . . .. singing classical influenced rock. 

My peers and I were thoroughly blown away.

Fast-forward from 1975 to Fall 2018.

The life of the late Freddie Mercury is commemorated in the new film, Bohemian Rhapsody.  As for accuracy, other reviews have called out some aspects of the film that are felt to be factually flawed in the strictest sense of accuracy. And, from what I’ve read, they make very good points.

That all said, I feel that the film was good, entertaining, and covered the highlights of the history of Mercury and his band mates in Queen. Rami Malek does well portraying Freddie - albeit sometimes a bit more than needed - but does well overall. 

The music? Bang on.

Music performances? Phenomenal.

All in all, an excellent film to watch and well worth the price of admission . . . and maybe even a bucket of popcorn, to boot.

You will also want to order the “rockumentary”, Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender, that we reviewed six years ago (here).