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Fire Music
Danko Jones
Label: MRI
Release Date: April 21, 2015
April 26, 2015


For those of us in the lower 48 states, the band, Danko Jones, may not sound familiar. However, they’re pretty hot stuff in Canada. Toronto based, this band is today what rock used to be in the sixties: angry and full of force and energy. This is especially true in the band’s new album, Fire Music.  

Warning: Highly combustible music is contained within this disc or download. 

I can only imagine what a Danko Jones show must be like and how the crowds are. This stuff grabs you and won’t let go until THEY are through with you.  Hard driving. Full of force. Sharp. Penetrating. This music gets in  your DNA and stays there.

Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites fromFire Music are:

Wild Woman: A great opener to a great album!  This hard driving song will cut permanent grooves into your mind. Great stuff!

Live Forever: Fast and furious, Jones’ guitar work is fantastically precise and probing. Definitely worthy of multiple slaps on the repeat button.

I Will Break Your Heart: Dark and grungy, this song is likely going to be used by many a guy and girl who will want to send a musical warning shot in their relationships.  The vocals will hook you from the git go and the music will take over from there.